A Meeting Filled with the Smell of Gunpowder

On June 18, 2001, there was a so-called "term reduction & extension conference" in Wanjia Forced Labor Camp in which 200-300 guards and several dozen armed policemen were present. Dafa practitioners were surrounded by the guards and criminal inmates. Practitioners detained in the Old 3rd Team were seated at the back of the meeting room. Lu Zhenshan, the head of Wanjia Forced Labor Camp declared, "The fight with Falun Gong is a life-and-death battle. Everyone should be transformed whether they are willing or not." The conference site was filled with the smell of gunpowder from the beginning. Someone shouted: "Bring on those whose terms have been extended!" Then 20 female Dafa practitioners, handcuffed behind their backs, were escorted to the site, each accompanied by two guards. The 20 practitioners were tranquil and peaceful; they greeted other practitioners by nodding.

Twenty practitioners' terms were declared to be extended in varying lengths from three months to one year. The guards misspelled female practitioner Xu Lihua's name, so Xu corrected them and said: "Falun Dafa is righteous!" She was instantly knocked down to the ground by the guard beside her and dragged to the first floor by her feet. The atmosphere in the room then became even more intense. Lu Zhenshan, the head of the camp gave a speech full of dirty words. Then a few former Dafa practitioners who had succumbed under pressure slandered Dafa, which made us very angry. Female Dafa practitioner Yang Xiuli in the Old 3rd Team stood up and shouted, "You are not qualified to talk about my Teacher!" Eight to nine other Dafa practitioners in the Old 3rd Team also stood up to expose and stop their shameless lies.

Several dozen armed guards quickly ran in and started beating and kicking those Dafa practitioners, dragging them by their hair or hitting them with electric batons. Female practitioner Wang Fang's mouth was taped, which almost suffocated her, just because she shouted: "Stop beating people!" Female practitioner Zuo Xiuyun was knocked down to the ground, kicked and walked on. A policeman picked up female practitioner Gao Shuyan high into the air and then threw her to the ground, causing her to lose consciousness. She was unconscious for about 24 hours. Female practitioners Chen Yali and Zhao Yayun were shocked on their bodies and faces randomly with several electric batons. At the end of the meeting we saw that Xu Lihua's eyes were bruised and blood was running out of the corner of her mouth. Chen Yali's face had open wounds from electric shocks, while Zuo Xiuyun and Gao Shuyan were taken away forcibly to the small cells of the seventh Brigade. Nine Dafa practitioners, including Pan Xuanhua, Xu Lihua, Zhao Yayun, Zuo Xiuyun, Yang Xiuli, Chen Yali, Gao Shuyan, Wan Fang, were also locked in small cells. All these practitioners are female.

The Ruthless Torture and Brutal Abuse in the Small Cells

On June 19, 2001 policewoman Quan Minghao forced all Dafa practitioners in the small cells to stand for a prolonged time as a punishment. Yang Xiuli was pushed out of the small cell for not obeying Quan's order, and her hands were tied behind her back; then she was hung on the cell door. Seeing Yang was barefoot, one fellow practitioner gave her a plastic bag, but the policewoman found out and also tied and hung up this practitioner. At dinnertime all practitioners asked Quan to release the practitioners. This enraged Quan. She called in some male guards, who started recklessly and mercilessly torturing the practitioners in the small cells.

The guards tied the hands of the Dafa practitioners behind their backs for the beating. They used shoes to slap practitioners' faces and hit them with electric batons. Blood, sweat and tears fell to the floor from these female practitioners' faces. One male guard held Pan Xuanhua's neck and pushed her down while she was hanging with her hands tied behind her back. Cries of pain filled the air of the small cells. The cold-blooded guards tied the ropes tighter and tighter to make practitioners suffer more. Some practitioners started vomiting. While they kept on beating the women with electric batons, the guards kept asking, "Are you going to sign the guarantee?" If they refused, the rope was tightened and raised again.

After suffering an entire day of torture, Yang Xiuli repeatedly asked to use the toilet, but each time she was answered by beating and cursing, causing her to urinate on the floor out of control. The guards dragged her by her legs and arms, and used her body to wipe the floor. They also pressed the mop into her mouth and rubbed it on her face.

Female practitioner Wang Fang asked to use the toilet, but the guard said, "If you do it here, I'll force you to eat it!" Other practitioners were continually sent to the small cells. As soon as one entered the small cell, her hands were tied behind her back and she was hung up and beaten. This round of relentless abuse was not just aimed at these dozen practitioners in the small cells; it was aimed at over one hundred Dafa practitioners in the seventh brigade. If we couldn't stop it at once, the abuse would be applied to all determined Dafa practitioners.

We knew that in May, 2001, around 50-60 female Dafa practitioners were separately sent to the male brigade to be tortured. There, they were not allowed to use the toilet or sleep, and under the continuous torture they wrote "guarantee" letters.

Female Dafa practitioner Tang Guanghui was tied up inside a male bathroom and her mouth was sealed with adhesive tape. She has suffered from a mental breakdown since the incident, and no one knows what happened to her that day. This time if, the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp hoped to repeat that case, we would not allow their plot to succeed.

For the sake of over one hundred other female Dafa practitioners, the frenzied abuse had to be stopped.

It was the morning of June 20, 2001 when female practitioners Xu Lihua, Zhao Yayun, Zuo Xiuyun, Gao Shuyan, Yang Xiuli, and Wang Fang were sent back to the Old 3rd Team. When they were sent back under support, we were shocked by the brutality of the policemen and policewomen. Dafa practitioners were still being sent to the small cells. Since we were close to the big gate, we knew when practitioners were on their way to the small cells, and we knew the cruelty there was still going on.

At about 4pm, Pan Xuanhua was sent back to the 3rd Team under support. Her mouth was swollen, with blood still dripping. She said Chen Yali had her hands tied behind her back and was still hanging there. At about 8pm, Chen Yali was sent back after being hung up for 27 hours. Her face was horribly pale. She said policeman Li Min was an immoral rogue. He harassed and insulted her by fondling her breasts and body, and pushed her in the air like a swing. She said, "We Dafa practitioners cannot be insulted by them in this way. We should use our lives to stop their indecent behavior. We cannot allow more than 100 female Dafa practitioners to be abused one by one like this. We should stop them." That day, after a tumultuous period, our minds became tranquil.

(To be continued)