June 11, 2002

(Clearwidom.net) On a mid-March night, right after Hainan Province practitioner Xue Buju got home, a group of police officers suddenly appeared and surrounded his apartment building. They were trying to forcibly kidnap him. Xue saw through their plot and firmly refused to cooperate, knowing that since March 9, Hainan Province's Falun Dafa Day, local practitioners were being kidnapped, beaten, and detained, one after another. The police started to pound on the door and in the meantime kept cursing, yelling and making vicious threats. Xue still refused to open the door. While he pacified his mother, wife and child who were trapped there with him, he calmly sent forth righteous thoughts.

The police could not open the door. They surrounded the building for almost three days. On the third day they went so far as to dispatch a truckload of armed riot police, usually only pressed into service for severe criminal cases. The armed police acted as if they were facing formidable enemies. They wore bulletproof vests and carried sophisticated weapons. They climbed up to Xue's apartment from the four sides of the building, and placed their guns at each of the windows aiming at the four unarmed people inside. They shouted, "You're surrounded. Open the door immediately! Otherwise, you will be shot to death, as will your wife, child and mother. Killing you means nothing to us!" Xue Buju's determination was as solid as a rock. Facing the threats and yelling, he did not waver at all. He remained in the lotus position and firmly sent forth righteous thoughts. Although his family members did not practice Falun Gong, when faced with the righteous and the evil, they bravely stood up and chose to support the righteous Dafa. His mother, wife and child closely protected him and refused to open the door. In this dark night in Haikou City [the capital of Hainan Province], this family of four wrote a remarkable page in the history of Fa-rectification.

The policemen eventually dug a hole in the wall next to the door, climbed inside the room, and kidnapped the unyielding Xue Buju.

Xue's family members said that Xue is now in critical condition and he has been sent to a hospital.

Here is some background information about this steadfast practitioner. Mr. Xue Buju, in his forties, was an employee of a state enterprise in Haikou City, Hainan Province. He started cultivating Dafa in 1997. He safeguards Dafa with great determination. He participated in group practice at Wanlu Park in Haikou City on August 12, 1999. Many times he went to the provincial government to appeal, and many times was illegally arrested. He went to Tiananmen Square several times in 2000 to validate the Fa with fellow practitioners. During that time an incident happened that is still remembered by many. Once, after Xue and many fellow practitioners were arrested in Tiananmen Square, they were sent to a detention center. When the police vehicle transporting them stopped very close to their destination, Xue, who noticed that there was only one policeman escorting them, stood up immediately and blocked the policeman with his own tall and strong body, and let the other practitioners quickly run away. No matter how the policeman beat and cursed him, Xue just did not move, kept his arms stretched out and blocked the policeman. He did this until all of the practitioners could escape. The policeman was at a loss what to do. Xue also took a chance and quickly ran away. So after validating the Fa, all the practitioners safely returned to Hainan Province.

Later, during Fa-rectification and truth clarification, Xue was unfortunately arrested and illegally sent to a forced labor camp, where he was very determined and totally rejected the evil's arrangements. He appeared to have developed a severe illness, and the vicious police had no choice but to unconditionally release him. After he got home he studied the Fa diligently and plunged himself again into the mighty current of truth-clarification and Fa-rectification. Anyone who knows him would say, "You are great, Xue Buju!"

Let us raise all of society's concern for the life of Dafa practitioner Xue Buju.