On our way to Iceland to send forth righteous thoughts, myself and many other practitioners discovered that our names were on the "black list." With this list, IcelandAir attempted to prevent us from boarding our planes. However, with our righteous belief in Master and the supernormal power of righteous thoughts, we surmounted these obstacles imposed by the old forces and arrived in Iceland at our scheduled time. I would like to share my experiences of this event with fellow practitioners.

On the morning of June 12th, the day of our departure, myself and two other European practitioners were informed by Iceland Air that we were denied access to our purchased airplane seats: the Icelandic government had decided to ban Falun Gong practitioners from entering Iceland. The moment I got this information, my first thought was that the Icelandic government's words did not matter, and only Master's words did. I had to leave for Iceland. Even though I might be alone, I still had to go there.

After a short discussion, we came to an agreement that we could not yield to the obstacles and arrangements of the old forces. We went to the airport as planned, contacted the media and a live interview at the airport was arranged. I also called the Icelandic ambassador in my country and firmly told him, "The Icelandic government will be ashamed of its own wrong decision." Though I was unable to see his facial expression, I could sense his helplessness in carrying out this ridiculous order from the government. I believed that my words would leave a deep impression in his mind and make him think about the situation. Maybe he will have the chance to learn of Dafa because of my words.

Meanwhile, I heard that the Icelandic government had called an emergency meeting for further discussion on Iceland's banning of Falun Gong practitioners. When I knew that the Icelandic government had not altered their original decision, I could not help but feel a surge of disappointment. At that moment, my thoughts were interfered with and I felt like giving up. As I unconsciously unpacked my luggage, I came to realize that the old forces were taking advantage of gaps in my personal cultivation to interfere with my righteous thoughts. To give up was not my thought. After becoming alert to the interference, I cleaned out my negative thoughts and the outward interference in a very short time and my main consciousness again filled with righteous thoughts. I was awakened to the fact that only with righteous thoughts could I surmount these obstacles interposed by the old forces and arrive in Iceland to rectify the Fa.

After arriving at the airport to transfer to the plane headed for Iceland, we met the North American practitioners stranded by the decision of the Icelandic government. They used the extensive airport facilities to contact international media and had spent the whole day employing all possible means to expose the event. The first newspaper report about them had already been published. In a short conversation, one Canadian practitioner firmly told me, "It's high time to prove that we really have a righteous belief in Master and Dafa. It's time to testify to our noble belief in Master and Dafa. Let's keep righteous thoughts all the time. We surely will remove these obstacles."

With the encouragement of my fellow practitioners, my righteous thoughts became immensely powerful. I realized that only with a pure heart and without any personal attachment could I overcome these obstacles. If I could make it, the two European practitioners would be very pleased. Before boarding the plane, I gave my ticket to the clerk without any fear in my mind: just peaceful, calm and confident. Unable to find my name on the computer screen, the clerk looked confused. I faced the clerk, sending forth righteous thoughts in my mind and asking for Master's help to prevent him from thinking too much. At that moment, I felt that my body was transformed into an indestructible Buddha body with powerful energy. A powerful stream of energy kept flowing out of my body. My mind was full of the firm determination, compassion and optimism of a Dafa practitioner.

Finally, the clerk handed me the boarding pass without a word; it turned out to be a first-class seat. It must have been a reward from Master.

Encouraged by my success in boarding the plane, another practitioner's righteous thoughts also became very powerful. Not frustrated by her repeated efforts and completely at ease, she finally succeeded in traveling to Iceland to start her Fa-rectification journey. On the same day several North American practitioners, after trying for over 48 hours, also surmounted the obstacles and arrived in Iceland.

"Actually, every Dafa disciple has abilities." ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts Are Powerful") "However strong the righteous thoughts are, that's how great the power is." ("Also in a Few Words") Righteous thoughts are based on our righteous belief accumulated through our endless Fa study, personal cultivation and truth-clarification. All of a sudden, I have a new and deeper understanding of Master's repeated emphasis on studying the Fa.