June 11, 2002


1. Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts in Close Proximity to Help Fellow Practitioners Get Out of Jail

A practitioner from one county was illegally arrested by the "610 Office" and police in another county. After several months' illegal detention, the wrongdoing authorities still would not release him. One day, over ten Dafa practitioners from his home county went close to the detention center and together sent forth powerful righteous thoughts to lead the detention center to release the practitioner. As a result, the practitioner was released three days later. This event encouraged local Dafa practitioners tremendously. They decided to send forth righteous thoughts by the detention center again since three practitioners had recently been detained in that county's detention center. They sent righteous thoughts at night close by the detention center. Three days later, one of the detained practitioners was released. They plan to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity again to help the other two practitioners get out of jail.

2. Practitioner Escapes from a Brainwashing Class Miraculously

Two Dafa practitioners in a certain village were arrested and sent to a brainwashing class in the county detention center at the same time. One practitioner thought that, however vicious the environment is, Dafa practitioners who assimilate into the universal characteristic could not be detained. He kept sending forth righteous thoughts and asked Teacher to strengthen his power and help him get out of the jail. He walked around in the courtyard and observed the surroundings. He then found a square hole in the wall and was able to squeeze his body through it. He felt very thankful for Teacher's help. In this way, he miraculously got out of the brainwashing class and rejoined the great current of Fa-rectification.