(Clearwisdom.net) On March 8, 2002, nine Dafa practitioners including Wang Jiang, L Zhifan, Wan Guojun demanded to be declared innocent and released from the labor camp. They also demanded that Dafa practitioners be treated with justice and that the use of common prisoners to monitor practitioners be discontinued. As their demands were rejected, the practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest and were subsequently brutally tortured. Directed by Wang Zhanqi, the head of the division, the prisoners first threatened the practitioners with torture. The threatening and torturing went on in two rooms. If a practitioner could not be "persuaded" in the first room, he would then be thrown into the second room and tortured with beating and kicking. Wang Zhanqi constantly verbally abused practitioners and from time to time he beat practitioners violently. Due to the abusive treatment, Wang Jiang was not able to get out of bed for three or four days and Wan Guojun was not able to get out of bed for a week.

On April 9, Wang Jiang refused to wear a nametag and resisted the persecution. When Wang Zhanqi found out, he beat and kicked Wang Jiang in his office while verbally abusing him. He cruelly tortured Wang Jiang with an electric baton. He then locked Jiang in a small, dark, humid solitary confinement cell for seven days.

On the morning of April 25, the division head, Wang Zhanqi, ignored a previously-agreed-upon meeting with Dafa practitioners Ren Guozhi and Li Lizhuang. Before this, Ren Guozhi and Li Lizhuang had made multiple efforts to discuss with Wang Zhanqi the "self-administration" on behalf of the Dafa practitioners detained in the labor camp. However, they were not successful. Self-administration is to separate Dafa practitioners detained in the labor camp from common prisoners and to let Dafa practitioners live and work together with each other. Most Dafa practitioners therefore went on a hunger strike at breakfast time. Ren Guozhi and Li Lizhuang were locked up in solitary confinement immediately. Other practitioners and other prisoners were also sent back to their rooms in an effort to force the practitioners to stop the hunger strike. Later, the police officer announced that other prisoners would also not be allowed to eat and sleep unless the practitioners stopped the hunger strike. They wanted to make other prisoners hate Dafa practitioners. On the morning of April 27, the police officer let the practitioners who were not hunger striking eat. Others were still not allowed to eat. This debased means caused the prisoners to hate Dafa practitioners. Several prisoners forced Luo Li, Sun Kaiqing, Si Kuangyuan and Wang Jiang who were on hunger strikes to sit in one line. Some prisoners suddenly began to beat and kick them. At the same time, Wang Zhanqi suggested that other prisoners read the camp rules out loud to cover the sound of beating and kicking so that it could not be heard.

Under Wang Zhanqi's instigation, the police cruelly tortured the Dafa practitioners by force-feeding them. The tube they forced down the practitioner's nose was much longer than the normal length for this purpose, and they purposefully pulled and inserted the tube multiple times while force-feeding. They force-fed practitioners with overdoses of salt to make them feel thirsty and then did not allow them to drink water.

Luo Li was transferred from Wanjia Forced Labor Camp to Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp on May 4. In the escort vehicle, Li Changchun, head of the second division said, "Dafa practitioners, lower your head." Luo Li and some other practitioners refused to do so and were beaten by Li Changchun. Li Changchun used the heel of his leather boot to strike the practitioners' heads. When they got out of the vehicle, Luo Li could not raise his head.