News and Activities Around the World

Shared by an Australian practitioner: From June 3 through June 18, I participated in sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity in Russia, Latvia and Iceland, experiencing the magnificence of assisting our Teacher in rectifying the human world and feeling the tremendous mercy that Teacher Li has bestowed upon us. I was there for only two weeks, but I truly realized what it was like to be in a divine state, having let go of all of my deviated notions and attachments.

Practitioners Exchange Insights

Keeping up with the process of Fa-rectification -- my understanding of Fa-rectification: The mighty virtue of a practitioner is not built upon the persecution that he has endured. Instead, it is built upon how well he negates the arrangement of the old forces in every thought he may have. The cultivation state of a practitioner is reflected in every one of his thoughts.

News from China

On June 18 the City Committee and the City Government of Chengdu (the capital city of Sichuan Province) held a citywide meeting on the "Tasks" and "Achievements" of persecuting Falun Gong. Since this Spring Festival, the police of Chengdu have kidnapped many Dafa disciples and sent them to prisons. Some practitioners were beaten to death, and some were forced to become homeless.

In conjunction with the "610 office," Harbin City established a "Specific Fighting Committee" -- 410 organization, which is a purely fascist and terrorist organization. Currently, Wanjia Labor Camp is planning to send the Dafa disciples whose terms are to expire directly to prisons for further persecution. Their idea is to collaborate with the prisons to persecute Dafa disciples together.