I am an engineer. In 1998, when my whole body suffered from illness, I had the good fortune of attaining the Fa. After I read Zhuan Falun once, I felt that there were objects moving and rotating in my body everywhere. I knew that Teacher was adjusting my body! At that time, we were able to see people practicing Falun Gong everywhere around the town and I started cultivating too. After just half a month, all the illnesses in my body had disappeared, and I was full of energy.

In the beginning of winter in 2000, my sister told me on the phone that our mother was sick and losing her mental functions. In a 24 hour period, she would be asleep for 20 hours. I took my 71-year-old mother to my home, and we spent a few hundred Yuan sending her to the hospital to be examined. In the end, the expert diagnosed: "High blood pressure, brain arteriosclerosis, and her brain isn't getting enough blood."

There was no medicine that could cure my mentally-disabled mother. I played a tape of Teacher's "Lectures in Dalian" for her to listen to. After four lectures, my mother's bloated face began to regain its normal size, and she was a lot better.

From then on, my mother started practicing with me. In the beginning, my mother could not finish the first four sets of exercises. Then she could do the exercises after 20 days. My mother's Celestial eye was opened at first. While she was holding the law wheel in the second set, she saw a hand slowly rotating above the top of her head, which turned into a big lump. The lump was slowly being hauled away, and the top of her head was hauled into a hole. On the following day when she was practicing, a hand slowly took off the top of her head layer by layer, and also took off an iron loop. Finally, hair showed up on the top of her head. My mother said: "All my illnesses are gone." On the third day, she saw a hand gently put a flower bud on the top of her head. And the hand also put many things into the bud. The bud bloomed larger and larger to cover her face.

Every time my mother practices, she can see beautiful scenery. Once, she saw a dragon, and a phoenix at my waist, fluttering back and forth. They slowly flew to the top of my head and overlapped to become column-shaped. After practicing, my mother would sometimes jokingly say: "Such beautiful flowers, the flower umbrellas, are always over there near you and never come to my side." One day, my mother happily said: "The beautiful scenery enlarged and came to my side. The whole house is filled with beautiful red, yellow, and purple flowers. How beautiful they are!" Every time my mother finishes practicing, her whole body would be drenched in sweat. She is very diligent, and she keeps studying Fa, and practicing everyday. I called my sister saying: "Mom's body is totally cured." Two months later, my sister came to visit. She was completely reassured. When she went home, she told her son: "Falun Gong is truly divine. It saved your grandmother's life. Your grandmother is full of energy now."

Ever since practicing cultivation, my mom and I have not used one bit of money from the state on medicine. Cultivation made our bodies strong and sturdy. Our family is harmonious, and my family members often praise me and say that I do better in various aspects. Many supernormal capabilities mentioned in Zhuan Falun have appeared in my body. I now more firmly believe that every word and sentence of Teacher Li is true. Zhuan Falun is thoroughly a cultivation book. Falun Gong is a cultivation of mind and body, and we cultivate the universal characteristic of Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance. Cultivating Dafa makes bodies strong, and lets people return to their [original] true selves. Cultivating Dafa brings people to their true purpose for being humans. I hope that kind-hearted people do not lose this precious chance.