(Clearwisdom.net) We all know that a human being is very weak. He is just like a piece of clothing, and he becomes whatever wears him. We are cultivating among ordinary people. When our righteous thoughts are not strong enough, we are, to put it plainly, just like ordinary people. Since particles in the three realms are connected with each other, if we fail to constantly maintain righteous thoughts, then bad thoughts, especially those that have formed deep in our bones, will remain in our heads and control our behavior accordingly. The evil old forces will also take advantage of this situation by interfering with us. Especially now, in the course of Fa-rectification, we should pay constant attention to eliminating our uncultivated human baggage, and to watch our every thought carefully.

During the present large-scale mission to eliminate factors in other dimensions controlling the head of the evil, as the campaign extends and escalates, we should even more diligently maintain our divine state and not let ordinary people's thoughts occupy our heads. For example, if in our minds we are speculating about where and when this battle of the righteous and the wicked should end, or if we have other similar thoughts in our minds, we may be very much like former practitioners in China who have followed a path of evil enlightenment due to their improper understanding. They thought that the persecution should have ended by a certain time, and so became instantly disappointed when their wish didn't come true. With this disappointment they went to the opposite side amidst the persecution. Similarly, after the recent battle in Germany, we became disappointed when we realized that certain evil beings still existed. As a result, we became less confident that Dafa disciples are capable of eliminating the evil demons. Wishing is itself a human action. We must remember that this world has never been dictated by what humans have said, nor can humans correctly predict the course of events. Especially in this present effort of Fa-rectification, nobody can predict it correctly. Teacher said: "There simply was no future before I set out to do it." (Lecture at the First Conference in North America) During this present big battle, no matter how Teacher has arranged it or how the old forces have planned it, our human sides do not have to think about it. The main thing we need to remember is to follow Teacher closely. This kind of firm faith and obedience is true wisdom and enlightenment.

At times we have overemphasized our own understandings, and as to what Teacher has said, it seems as if we would actively do it only if we understood it. If we couldn't understand it, we handled it passively. Is this not measuring the Fa with our own postnatal notions? At present, it doesn't matter if we are in Iceland, in front of a Chinese Consulate or in China -- we should strictly follow Teacher's requirement and constantly maintain a compassionate and kind heart. The more violent the battle between the righteous and the wicked is in other dimensions, the calmer our hearts should be here in this dimension. We shouldn't let any humanness affect us. Just sit quietly without any expectations or pursuit. No matter what changes occur in the human world, we simply sit there sending righteous thoughts quietly. "Just by having our hearts unaffected, we will be able to handle all situations!" (Lecture at Chicago Conference, 1999)

In the past when I sent righteous thoughts, I could feel myself sending out law wheels and tens of thousands of weapons to eliminate the evil. More recently, I feel myself sending great mercy and kindness, which permeates the cosmos, immersing everything and changing everything. It seems gentle yet mighty, powerful and capable of conquering all.

This is just my personal understanding. Your corrections and suggestions are welcome.