The above Photo was taken on Feburary 16, 2002. Both of my hands were cuffed behind my back, causing scars that can be clearly seen on my wrists.

I'm a practitioner of Falun Dafa from Hubei Province. I'm a college graduate, and work as a teacher in an affiliated school of a factory. I've been recognized many times as an "Outstanding Teacher" by both the factory and Hubei province.

Because my husband had another girlfriend, I had to divorce him in December 1998. I could not face the end of my marriage, to which I had completely devoted myself. I was nearly at the edge of collapse, and I had contemplated suicide several times. On April 16, 1999, the book Zhuan Falun saved my life. Within three months, all my diseases miraculously disappeared.

On Feburary 5, 2002, my son, who had been living with his father, was coming to visit me. So I went to buy some food in preparation for celebrating the Chinese New Year with my son. However, on the way back home, I was illegally arrested and was pushed into a police vehicle by three policemen from Hanjiang Police Station in Xiangfan City. I kept shouting, " Falun Dafa is good!"

This was not the first time I had been arrested. On December 16, 2000, I was deceived into going to the police station, and was illegally arrested. On July 17, 2001, I was deceived and was illegally arrested again. In September 2001, the factory stopped paying my salary, and gave me only 150 Yuan RMB (The average monthly income in urban China is 500 Yuan) for living expenses. This time when I was taken to Hanjiang Police Station, I insisted on meeting my son. I gave him a call, and my son came. He is 17 years old, and is full of righteous thoughts and behavior. I gave the food and the key to my son, and said to him," Don't worry about me. Enjoy the New Year. As a Dafa practitioner's son, you should be optimistic."

In the afternoon, I was illegally sent to the No.1 Detention Center of Xiangfan City's Police Department. I shouted," Falun Dafa is good!" A male guard, with the Wuhan accent, ordered several male prisoners to push me to the ground. They kneeled on my ribs, and used a dust rag to gag my mouth. I resisted with all my strength. They threw my eyeglasses and shoes away, and didn't stop torturing me until I had almost suffocated.

I was not a criminal, so I refused to eat anything in the detention center. On the morning of Feburary 6, a female guard, whose last name is Yu, ordered two male prisoners to put shackles and handcuffs on me. They cuffed my hands tightly behind my back. Then those two male prisoners held my shoulders and ran. They dragged me on the ground, pushed me into a police van, and sent me to the emergency room of Xiangfan City Center Hospital. On the way there, I told everybody I met, "Falun Dafa is good!" Under the order of the police, the male prisoners stuffed my mouth with dust rugs, gloves and even their stinky socks. One male prisoner slapped my face in the emergency room, but I still tried to shout words of justice.

Under close watch of the police, the nurses from the Adult Emergency Room forcibly inserted tubes into my stomach, though I was still wearing shackles and handcuffs. The tube entered the esophagus through my nose. I put forth all my strength to spit the tube out. The inhumane nurses asked the prisoners to hold me, but I still spit it out. The nurses tried four times and finally inserted it into my stomach. Tears and nasal mucus streamed down my face. The male prisoners dragged me and ran. I shouted, "Falun Dafa is good." Then the prisoners covered my mouth with their hands. The medical personnel witnessed this brutal act of persecuting Dafa practitioners.

I had an allergic reaction to the tube. Because of the rubber tube in my stomach, my gastric juice increased sharply, causing me to vomit. There were over ten female prisoners in the ward. They saw the tube slip out of my nose due to the vomit. The doctors in the detention center didn't believe them and stubbornly insisted that other people pulled the tube out for me.

On the morning of Feburary 7, the doctors inserted another thicker tube into me causing even more pain. In the afternoon, two male prisoners held me in a chair while the doctors in the detention center illegally force-fed me. I tried to spit it out, but I could not because the prisoners were holding me. After being force-fed, I was sent back to the ward. I vomited, and both the food and the tube came out of my mouth. Again the doctors insisted that other people had pulled it out for me. They immediately inserted the tube once again. On the afternoon of Feburary 7, they inserted the tube for the third time. My face was wet from tears, nasal mucus and blood. My nasal cavity and esophagus was ruptured. When they inserted the tube, I immediately spit it out. They inserted it into my esophagus after trying six times.

After I was sent back to the detention center, the vicious guards confined me in a separate cell. They assigned four female prisoners to take shifts in watching over me around clock. Because I was put in handcuffs and shackles day and night, I had to relieve myself with the help of the female prisoners. I could not sleep because of wearing handcuffs and shackles, so I had to sit all day and all night with both hands cuffed behind my back. The third time, the feeding tube was especially long, and they used a lot of adhesive plaster, keeping the tube in my stomach for the entire night. On the morning of Feburary 8, two male prisoners held me and forced me to sit on a chair. I was force-fed again. I spit out the tube while being force-fed, so they had to pull me back to the detention center.

On that afternoon, they force-fed me again. Two male prisoners held my shoulders. An old doctor stepped on my shackles with one foot, knelt on my legs and pressed my head with his both hands. A young doctor injected me with almost one or two hundred milliliters of salt water.

At night, I sat on the bed. I thought Falun Dafa practitioners are created by Dafa, and the dignity of Dafa is inviolate. When the female prisoners were busy with their work, facing the monitor, I openly and righteously pulled out the tube with my hands, which were cuffed behind the back. The prisoners didn't believe, and insisted that I pulled it off with my knees. So they tied up my knees. They were moved by my courage and perseverance. After a while, they said," We won't tie you up even if they punish us." They were not punished afterwards.

On the afternoon of Feburary 9, when they inserted the tube for the forth time, I spit it out immediately. I thought even if I truly cast off my human skin, or even if they insert knives into my body, I would not yield to the evil forces. It took them seven or eight tries before they were finally able to do it. Then the nurses from the emergency room of the center hospital force-fed me one or two hundred milliliters of milk and a little water (including a substance that might be Phenobarbital or potassium chloride solution) They knew that I would spit it out if they fed me too much. It's said they had to pay 60 Yuan each time they inserted the tube . Of course they illegally deducted the money from my salary to pay for these "treatments".

Both my wrists lacerated, and my two thumbs were numb. Every day I told this to the doctors of the detention center and doctors and nurses from the emergency room, but they simply ignored me.

On Feburary 10, they stopped force-feeding me. I knew I had broken away from the dangerous environment under the protection of my great compassionate Teacher. That afternoon, I was released unconditionally. The prisoners opened the shackles and handcuffs for me. The doctors pulled out the tube that they had illegally inserted into my body. Police from Hanjiang Police Station sent me back home in a police car.

After coming back home, I felt pain in my chest, nasal cavity, throat, esophagus, stomach, and both hands. I made a special visit to the adult emergency room of the city's center hospital. I told them that I had been released unconditionally, and also told them about the persecution that I had suffered.

Scars still remain on my wrists as evidence of my suffering. The symptoms, including numbness due to nerve damage in my hands, and weak wrists and thumbs, will not go away. I am not able to correct students' papers or give lessons, so I had to ask for retirement. All my diseases disappeared after I cultivated Falun Gong. However, the evil persecution brought me so many new injuries.

June 9, 2002