Falun Dafa practitioner Zhu Xiaofei from Lushunkou District, Dalian City, Liaoning province, has been illegally detained as a result of going to Beijing to peacefully appeal to the Chinese government to end the persecution of Falun Gong. Due to his steadfast belief in Dafa, his workplace, the Lushun 4810 factory, fired him and withheld a full year's salary and bonus. While he was detained, 800 Yuan [Approximately 6 weeks salary of an average urban worker] was extorted from him on two occasions. Police officer Ye Qiang from the Lushunkou District police station deceived Zhu by pretending to invite him for a talk. Once Zhu was at the police station Ye Qiang forced him to speak out. Ye Qiang forced him to stand in a position called the "Horsestep" [A punishment that requires the person to put one leg forward, one leg straight backward, but the knee of the front leg has to be bent. This position is then held for a long time], and also tightly tied a rope around his neck, handcuffed him and shocked his body with electric batons. After Zhu Xiaofei was severely tortured, he started a hunger strike to protest such brutal treatment. After a week of hunger striking, under the pressure of public opinion, the police had to release him and allow him to go home. Zhu has been illegally detained in such a manner twice. After these incidents, the police didn't dare to go to his home to arrest him; instead, on November 26th 2001 they went to his workplace to abduct him.

After Zhu Xiaofei was abducted he was sent to the Dalian forced labor camp to be tortured. The police blocked all information regarding his arrest and would not even allow his relatives to visit him. There are many well-educated Falun Dafa practitioners detained in the Dalian forced labor camp. The policemen instructed criminals to observe 6 to 10 Falun Dafa practitioners each; they even allowed the criminals to torture practitioners by shocking them with electric batons. Some were used on practitioners daily and were used so often that they ran out of power. Practitioners who are very steadfast (will not renounce their practice of Falun Gong) were secretly sent to different places--nobody knew where until very recently, when it was learned that they were sent to the Guanshan forced labor camp in Changtu City Liaoning province, and made to perform hard forced labor. The forced labor consisted of loading and transporting stones with some kind of vehicle. Every load weighed 1,000kg and 120 loads have to be transported daily. For a person like Zhu Xiaofei, who weighs only a little over 50 kg, it's not difficult to imagine the intensity of this work. Suffering alongside Zhu are Falun Dafa practitioners from the Dalian ship building company. Some of these people are university graduates, and some are postgraduates. Altogether, 27 people were sent to the Guanshan forced labor camp on February 4th 2002. The only reason why they are being tortured is that they practice Falun Dafa and believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance."

Police officer Ye Qiang was transferred to Lushun Minzhuqiao police station and his new phone number is 86-411-6613089

Originally posted on June 12, 2002