Under Special Circumstances, our mission is clear -- to send forth righteous thoughts from a close distance to eliminate the evil

During group discussion some fellow practitioners talked about how when they went to Germany, they clearly understood that it was our mission to send forth righteous thoughts from a close distance to eliminate the evil. The wicked head of the evil is already unworthy of hearing the universe's sacred, most powerful sound -- "Falun Dafa Hao." (Falun Dafa is good.) In addition, the power that is truly able to eliminate the evil is the Buddha Fa's divine power, the Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts. These powerful righteous thoughts can be manifested only in a state without human attachments.

Then does "from a close distance" necessarily mean right in front of one's eyes? It is not that absolute. After all, sending forth righteous thoughts refers to the most determined, purest righteous thoughts and utilizing the Buddha Fa's divine power, so the matter of distance is auxiliary. In a special environment, being in the same city or the same region can also have the effect of being at a "close distance."

Sentient beings are anxiously waiting, and Dafa disciples must have a feeling of urgency and a sense of mission. In addition, we need to do this without pursuit, because agitation in one's heart comes from attachments and is not beneficial to doing this task well. Being unmoved by any human attachment at a critical moment is a manifestation of one's cultivation level all the same.

Respectfully ask our revered Teacher to strengthen the disciples

It has been more than a year since Dafa disciples were first taught the Fa principle of sending forth righteous thoughts, so all of the evil that is damaging Dafa should have been completely eliminated already. However, our improvement in the process of Fa-rectification has been a bit slow, so this has also enabled the evil to prolong its existence. The lesson to be learned here is extremely severe. We disciples have not been able to accomplish it, but because the principles of the old cosmos are still in existence, there are certain things that Master does not wish to do directly. Fellow practitioners have realized that Dafa disciples sending forth righteous thoughts is permitted by the Fa principles of both the old and new cosmoses. Even though we have not reached the requirement by relying on our own strength, when disciples are sending forth righteous thoughts we can respectfully ask with a pure, compassionate heart our revered Teacher to strengthen us. If every disciple can do this, then the power displayed through Dafa will shake the entire cosmos and the colossal firmament.