Kungliao County is at Tungpeichiao (a famous spot in northeast Taiwan) and it is not easy to travel to this remote area. The people of Kungliao are pure and honest, but to our regret, there are no Falun Dafa practitioners there. Eight months ago, I had a thought to hold a nine-day-lecture class to promote Falun Dafa. Shortly after, we were invited to the "Clean the Beach" event, but it was cancelled due to Typhoon Nali. We didn't recognize that it was interference from the old forces. Our trip to Kungliao was thus postponed. Until recently, I had a thought that many lives were waiting to obtain the Fa. When we have righteous thoughts, Teacher will help us. We received a phone call inviting us to attend the dragon-boat race. The organizer gave Falun Dafa a booth and 30-minutes of show time. It was the first time over the past 21 years to let visitors "apply on site to join in the dragon-boat race." This is how Teacher arranged the opportunities for disciples to clarify the truth.

On June 15, 2002, about 80 practitioners came to Aoti Fishing Harbor. Immediately, this group of people in yellow dresses caught the attention of the 500 villagers. Many people came to the booth to request information, bookmarks, and balloons. When the practitioners demonstrated the exercises, many people followed to learn the movements. After the demonstration, many practitioners went to the Fulung Swimming Beach, Tourism Service Center, Fulung Village, Tienkungmiao Temple of Toucheng Town and Jenhokung Palace of Aoti Harbor to promote Falun Dafa. Some of the practitioners stayed with the people at the racing site to cheer and applaud with them as well as to clarify the truth. We found that the most effective way to clarify the truth to people is to consider them, share in their happiness and use ways that are acceptable by everyday people.

I handed a notice of the "nine-day-lecture" class to a young woman at the Tourism Service Center and asked her to inform her colleagues. She smiled back brightly and said, "I will put it on the web. Many people will see it soon. I will also find time to learn it." I was so moved that I could only repeatedly say "Thank you." When we were in the restaurant, one person said to us, "I seemed to have signed a contract with someone in the heavens and then came down here!" Hearing this, two practitioners at the table looked at each other with an understanding in their eyes and smiled. As Teacher stated in

"Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston": "There are eyes everywhere in this cosmos, and both the beings that have been rectified and the beings that haven't been are watching. The beings in the new cosmos are eagerly longing for the ultimate conclusion, while the beings in the old cosmos are longing to be saved."

In the afternoon, the practitioners participated in two contests. Though they didn't win any of them because it was the first time for them to row a dragon-boat, people's eyes were focused on the words printed on their yellow shirts: "Falun Dafa" and "Truth Compassion Tolerance." We didn't pursue the win-loss in this human world; we only wanted to save more lives.

The first "nine-day-lecture" class will open at Kungliao County next week.