(Clearwisdom.net) The next morning, Xu Yunsheng (Head of the town during the year 2000) had seven to eight people torture me, and try to force me to tell them the names of practitioners who had been to my home. When I said, "I don't know," Chen Lushan picked up a pot of boiling water and held it over my head, and asked me again for their names. I still said that I didn't know. When they realized that there was no use in torturing me, they started threatening me, saying that they were going to deny me access to my own home, take away my motorcycle, and sell my property, but I remained calm. They didn't give up, and beat me up every day for 6 days. I was beaten up 9 times, and every time, they beat me until I could no longer move and black and blue marks covered my body. I was in so much pain that it hurt each time I moved, and I had a large blister on my buttocks, which bled profusely. My face turned a yellowish color and I became emaciated to the point where most of my bones were clearly visible. I couldn't take care of myself even when I needed to have a bowel movement or urinate due to the fact that my body was so debilitated by torture. Later on, the officials were afraid that I would end up dying so they had to send me home. As they had intended to capture my son and hold him as hostage, my husband and my son both fled our home. I lay on the bed, unable to move. My 70-year-old disabled mother-in-law had to take care of me. When my neighbors came to see me, they saw how badly I had been beaten up and it made them cry. They said, "Whoever beat you are beasts. They are so brutal!" I then made use of this opportunity to spread the Fa to them, and clarify the truth as well. My neighbors all commended my strength, saying that if every Falun Gong practitioner were like me, then Falun Gong's reputation would be quickly restored.

On the 5th day after I returned home, Xu Yusheng and Chen Yonghua went to my group leader's home and forced me to "study" (to brainwash me). My group leader said, "She is lying on the bed and can't move at all, how are you going to get her to go over there?" Later on, Xu Yushen and the other evil people, said to me, "Find your husband [her husband, Dafa practitioner Zhang Zhiyou, was later tortured to death by police] and get him to bring us 3000 Yuan; then we won't bother you anymore." My mother-in-law cried, "Let's find him and get our relatives to put together some money. It's time to harvest wheat but you can't move, how are we going to handle the work?" So we painstakingly collected 2,700 Yuan and my mother-in-law went with the group leader to the town. As soon as they left, Xu Yongsheng and Cheng Yonghua started beating my husband all over his body using electric shock batons and rubber batons. They kicked him with boots and beat him violently. My husband had black and blue marks all over his body and couldn't walk because both his feet were swollen. In this state, he was even forced to dig up weeds. All night long, they continued to beat him without letting up. When they asked my husband, "Did you know that your wife went to Beijing? How many Weifang practitioners have been to your home?" My husband replied, "I don't know anything." Thus they didn't get any information and all their brutal measures led to nothing.

During this period of time, my husband and I discovered our attachments and shortcomings. Through studying Teacher's article "Towards Consummation," we realized that we were the type of people whom Teacher referred to as "some people think that Dafa can cure their illnesses." My previous appeal was out of my gratitude to Teacher, not out of understanding the Fa from the Fa's perspective. When I found out my shortcomings, I determined that, no matter what, I will never cooperate with the evils. So on October 4th, 2000 we went to Beijing to appeal again, and we made it to Beijing. As soon as we walked into Tiananmen Square, we were arrested by plainclothes policemen. They took us to Weifang City's liaison office in Beijing, and then we were taken back from Beijing to Weifang. On the way home, my husband was tortured to death because he didn't cooperate with the police. I didn't find out about his death right away. When I was illegally detained for 7 days, people from the same town told me to go to Cangzhou, so I could prepare for my husband's funeral. Before I left, Xu Yunshen threatened me by saying, "Behave yourself," and "Be careful what you say." In addition, very inhumanly, he said, "Don't think that since your husband is dead, we'll let you go. We'll sentence you to three years of forced labor instead." Under these conditions they continued their wicked mockery and abuse.

On the third night of my returning from Cangzhou, the evils disregarded the pain I suffered due to losing my husband, and they illegally detained me again for one month. When the head of the town police station conducted the illegal interrogation of me, he asked, "When is this going to end?" I said, "When the Fa is rectified, it will be the end." After one month, they had to let me go. On the 3rd night when I got home, the security head in my village notified me that there would be people from the town government coming to "escort" me to the "study class" (brainwashing class) the next day. Immediately, I realized that I must not cooperate with the evils, so I fled my home. People from the town searched for me, but they couldn't find me.

Later the vicious thugs in the town often harassed my family, ordering my son to call me to come back. I returned home on my son's birthday. No sooner had I sat down than 4 thugs led by Chen Yonghua, the official of the local municipal government, rushed into my home. I went into another room and sent righteous thoughts to not allow them to come in. They questioned my son in the outer room but my son did not tell them anything. After they left, I had to leave my home again.

In February 2001, in order to keep supporting my parents, I found a temporary job elsewhere. On March 2, when I was working, Chen Yonghua and 4 other people came to my workplace to abduct me. One of my colleagues hurriedly hid me away in a balcony and covered me with a blanket and also hid the three of my Dafa books. They rushed into the room before the door was shut but, failing to find me, they left the room. Figuring that they had left the building, I went downstairs but happened to run into Chen Yonghua, who was coming up again. I immediately backed into a room and shut the door with all the force I had. Although they kicked door heavily outside, they could not enter, so they changed their strategy, trying to con me into opening the door with soft words. Because I firmly refused, they had to leave for the time being. During that time my colleagues hid me in an iron box, so they failed to find me even though they searched the room afterwards. The iron box was so air tight that I almost suffocated in it. At 7 o'clock that evening some kind people gave me a ride in their vehicle, and they encouraged me to continue on.

The thugs were infuriated and went to search my workplace 9 times. The people in the workplace questioned them, "We have never met anyone so good as Ms. Li in our many years in business. She did a very good job here. You killed her husband, so why shouldn't you let the widow go?" The vicious police argued, "You don't know the truth..." "How could we not know the truth? We saw the scars on her body caused by your torture," refuted the colleagues. Confronted with reason and failing to find me, they finally had to leave in disgrace.

The cultivation of Falun Dafa saved me, a woman on the verge of death. I strive to be a good person according to "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," and I have tried to honestly explain the real situation to the government. However, the Jiang-Luo regime ruined my family simply because of this. I am homeless now, and my son lives in fear. They completely ruined my previously happy family.

I have experienced a lot of hardship in the two years I spent away from home, and I am sure that it was caused by the persecution of the evil force, which I should resolutely deny. Now I continue to participate in the current of Fa-rectification, doing my part to tell the truth and save the people. I feel so honored to be a part of this historical event.