(Clearwisdom.net) News from Seoul on June 8, 2002 -- In today's news, three Korean television stations, KBS, MBC and SBS, broadcast an appearance by the Chairman of the Korean Falun Dafa Association, Quan Hongda, at a Korean Parliamentary celebration.

On the 8th of June 2002, the Korean government held a celebration to honor the "Support Coordinators for World Cup 2002" with various awards. Thirty soccer matches were held in ten Korean cities. The government appointed Quan Hongda to coordinate matches in the Teagu area.

On April 27, June 4 and June 8, Korean Falun Dafa practitioners displayed a banner reading, "Korea and China into the Quarter Finals." Wearing Falun Dafa clothing at the time, they helped more people come to know about Dafa and helped to clarify the truth to Chinese people in particular. The associated organizations praised the Falun Dafa Association, saying, "You have done an excellent job. You have done everything you should. If we (the government organizations) were asked to organize such activities, we would not have done it as successfully as you have."