I was born in 1955. I reside in Keelung and work in Yunghe. I have practiced Falun Dafa for over a year now. Several years ago, I came to know and was asked by people from a temple, and promised to help with the printing of some Buddhist scriptures. I put up the money needed for the printing of two volumes of Buddhist scriptures with the expectation that I was doing a good deed, eliminating my karma and accumulating virtue. Soon I began to study Zen Buddhism under the guidance of a Mr. Hu. I came to the understanding that "cultivating mind and body" was a high-level cultivation method, but there were many inextricable points like the issue of karma elimination; I cultivated for quite a long time, yet my karma remained. Not until I studied Falun Dafa, after Mr. Hu studied it and recommended it to me, did I realize that one's destiny cannot be changed without first cultivating one's xinxing.

I suffered from gout. During an exacerbation of the condition, my two feet would be so painful that I could hardly move. Medications could only induce temporary remission and relief, every so often it would recur. Strict dietary control was necessary with avoidance of seafood, animal organs and beans, which caused great inconvenience in my daily living. The affliction tormented me for two whole years. It was difficult to imagine that in just a few short months after I studied Falun Dafa, my body experienced unmistakable purification twice; my two feet experienced burning hot sensations, the symptom of karma elimination. Since then for the past one year, I have not had a reoccurrence of my gout. I no longer need to take medicine or receive injections. This intractable condition is now completely cured.

After years of hard physical labor and now in my advancing middle age, I suffered from another affliction, "frozen shoulders." I had tried all kind of treatments, be it acupuncture, moxibustion [an acupuncture treatment], medicinal balm, steam treatment etc, for a long period of time, and spent a lot of money; none could provide more than temporary relief. Through persistently studying the Fa and practicing the Falun Gong exercises, all my ailments have been eliminated one after another. My physical and mental states have become better and better and my eyesight improved. Now, I get up at four to practice the exercises every day, and then I go to work. My whole body feels very comfortable, and unencumbered. Falun Dafa enables me to become truly healthy