(Clearwisdom.net) Prison is a place that many people are not willing to think a lot about or go to. Holding in mind the righteous thoughts of clarifying the truth and offering salvation to sentient beings, we think that we should spread Dafa everywhere, no matter how remote and isolated it is, and we should not leave out any being that can be saved. From May 6 to June 5, holding compassion in their hearts, practitioners from the Changhua area in Taiwan went to the Changhua Prison, a place that people have almost forgotten. Day after day, practitioners and the prisoners watched together Teacher's Fa-lecture videos, read Zhuan Falun and practiced the 5-sets of Falun Gong exercises together.

During experience sharing, the Chief Warden said: "We often invite Christian or Buddhist groups to come to upgrade the prisoners' morality, but we have never seen so many people coming here, and so many of you come every time. This touches me so deeply. I believe that you must have some great strength supporting you. Therefore, in addition to encouraging the prisoners to learn Falun Gong, I will also follow you to practice." In this way, the Chief Warden also became a Dafa practitioner.

Mr. Chin, a section chief said: "After seeing you spreading Dafa in the Taichong Detention Center, I had the wish to spread Dafa in Changhua Prison. At present, not only the prisoners are learning Falun Gong, more and more staff members are also joining in. We even have specific schedules for Fa-study and practicing the exercises. The entire prison now has a new look."

A practitioner said: "When the prisoners first read Zhuan Falun with us, most of them did not even know what Falun Dafa was about. But on the third and fourth day, some of them already read through the entire book." After constantly reading the book and practicing the exercises, some prisoners asked where the practice sites are located in Taichong and Penghu, because they wanted to introduce Dafa to their relatives. They also expressed their wish to continue to practice Falun Gong after they complete their terms.

Seeing those isolated prisoners obtaining the opportunity to learn Dafa, I felt so grateful for Teacher's benevolent compassion that he would not let any potential practitioners be left out. We hope that the prisoners will truly practice cultivation to return to their original true selves. For those who have not practiced cultivation, we also hope that they will become good people after leaving prison.

Because of the beneficial effects of the Fa-spreading activity in the prison, the Chief Warden invited us to hold a similar activity again at the end of June, so that more prisoners will have the opportunity to obtain the Fa.

Recalling the first day when we came to the front door of the prison, my heart unavoidably felt a little fear. But, after passing through the iron gates one after another to walk towards the prisoners, it seemed that we broke layer upon layer of shackles in our hearts, and the compassion in our hearts was also expanding.

Dafa will eventually open the hearts of all the prisoners.