(Clearwisdom.net) (The photos in this article were shot and provided by an Icelander, Sigurdur Holm Gunnarsson)

On June 14 when Jiang visited Iceland, nearly 3000 (originally scheduled to be 1000) locals held a large-scale demonstration to protest Jiang's violating the human rights of Falun Gong practitioners. The turnout was quite significant considering the limited population of Reykjavik. The protestors held banners and sealed their mouths with strips of black cloth to protest the unfair treatment of Falun Gong practitioners.

Over the past few days, the Icelandic media including radio stations, TV stations and newspapers reported on what Falun Gong is about and the brutal persecution that is going on in China. Now almost all of the Icelandic people know about Falun Gong and the brutal suppression of Falun Gong in China.

Because of the uproar raised over the ban of Falun Gong practitioners coming into Iceland, Jiang had to face the Icelanders' demonstrations as well as the Falun Gong practitioners' appeal. Jiang's appearance provoked great furor, while Falun Gong practitioners were warmly supported and treated like family by the Icelandic people. Many Icelanders enthusiastically learned the Falun Gong exercises from the practitioners.

Jiang experienced in Iceland an outcry against his brutality from people all over the world. Because of the large-scale demonstrations, Jiang left Iceland one day ahead of schedule.

3000 Icelandic people parade to protest against Jiang

Falun Gong practitioners introduce Falun Gong to the Icelandic people and teach them the Falun Gong exercises in front of the Chinese Embassy in Iceland

Many Icelandic people learn to practice Falun Gong in front of the Chinese Embassy

Locals and Falun Gong practitioners enjoying each others' company