(Clearwisdom.net) In the latest efforts of eliminating the evil, great quantities of demons have been eliminated, and what is remaining is only a small percetage. They have fled en masse, running back to their respective headquarters, manifested as Consulates and Embassies outside of China. In their respective headquarters, there are various instruments that were left behind previously, including mechanisms to create new demons, weaponry, defensive bulwarks, etc. Once they have fled back, it will become relatively more difficult to eliminate them. Now that they are in the transitional phase of fleeing, it is the most optimal time period for sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them. There have been reports of the evil planning to return on the 18th. We should learn our lesson from last time and take advantage of the opportunity while not being affected by their schedule or various forms of misleading information. We should continue to use righteous thoughts (pure and righteous intent) to eliminate the demons that are manipulating humans, and think about eradicating all evil that damages Dafa, encompassing it all and leaving out none.

Our practitioners have participated in several days of holy battles, going through much hardship. However, in the situation of both sides being very weary, whether or not we can persevere with determination, persist until the end, continue to eliminate the elements in other dimensions controlling the head of the evil and manipulating people, and eliminate with all our strength those demons that went as reinforcements and are now fleeing, that is of utmost importance.

The strength of the remaining evil is relatively weak, so while fleeing they will be even more focused on relying on interfering with Dafa disciples to buy time for themselves. Today in New York it rained almost the entire day, stopping and starting intermittently. There was a period of rain while the sun was out, with thunder rumbling in the distance. The several hundred Dafa disciples who attended the Midwest United States Experience Sharing Conference went to the Chinese Consulate in Chicago to send forth righteous thoughts as a group, while many Dafa disciples around the United States and Canada who did not go to Europe are also continuing to send forth righteous thoughts in front of Chinese Consulates all over North America.

Today, Master published "The Heavens Become Clear Again":

The Heavens shrouded in darkness, the Earth enveloped in gloom

The thunder of the Gods explodes, dispersing the dark, dense haze

And sweeps across the rotten demons who sought to ruin the Fa

Do not say that our mercy is somehow lacking

Thus we realized, even for those disciples who cannot go to the Consulates to send forth righteous thoughts, please be sure not to slack off and persist in continuously sending forth righteous thoughts. The process and quality of this round of sending forth righteous thoughts to completely eliminate the evil are of utmost importance to the improvement as a whole of Dafa disciples and clarifying the truth to save sentient beings.

Let us use our hearts of tolerance, persevere until the end, and fulfill our duty of eliminating the evil.

The above are only my own personal understandings.