(Clearwisdom.net) Often we have different opinions on how to carry out specific tasks during our Fa-spreading activities. This is unavoidable since we have different cultivation states, different backgrounds, as well as different experiences and individual characteristics. We could say that each one of us brings forward what we think is the best solution at our current levels. We could also say, then, that there are no absolutely right or wrong opinions being raised in these discussions. We all try to provide the best solution, sincerely wishing to be responsible to the Fa.

By stepping outside of the issues and looking at them from a broader perspective, we should recognize that each and every incident is part of Teacher's plan for us to remove our attachments. These incidents also serve to raise the cultivation levels of Dafa practitioners individually and as one body. When we mentioned earlier that no "right or wrong" exists, it only applies to each individual's cultivation level. While each individual disciple has their own way of advancing in their cultivation, Dafa practitioners also need to ascend as a whole. From this perspective, the opinions from both sides are different and there is the issue of right and wrong. However, this difference is definitely not the same as the right and wrong of everyday people.

Our success and failure in all endeavors are manifestations of occurrences in other dimensions. Our accomplishments are the most sacred and magnificent only if we can maintain the purest state of mind. It is no different in our efforts to spread the Fa. The keys are whether our righteous thoughts are clear and strong, whether we are all acting together in unison, and whether our omissions and deficiencies have been eliminated. If our debates cause division and discord among disciples, then we are undermining all lives within Dafa. We are committing serious wrongdoing.

So the objective of our discussions should not be only to seek the best solution, but also to take advantage of conflicts that arise to raise the cultivation levels and understanding of all Dafa disciples as one body. Our discussions are different from arguments among ordinary people. We should apply the standard of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" to our behavior at all times. If we can truly analyze the problem with genuine sincerity, treat everything with compassion and handle differences in opinion with great tolerance, then our debates will serve as excellent opportunities to elevate together as a group. They will not then ever become ordinary human debates.

As practitioners we all strive to be tolerant towards others. If we were able to tolerate personal conflicts caused by ordinary people, then why can't we tolerate disagreements among ourselves as cultivators? Shouldn't we resolve any grudges or resentment among Dafa disciples graciously?

Teacher clearly pointed out in his 1999 "Lecture in Australia" how to resolve conflicting opinions among Dafa practitioners,

"When handling disagreement among Dafa practitioners, you should emphasize the interest of Dafa, rather than stressing your own individual proposition. Once you all are in accord, then you should together execute it well. If all stick to their own individual opinion and get into prolonged arguments without reaching consensus, then you had been exploited by demon or demon nature that undermine Dafa. Holding on to own opinions without letting go is already an attachment of one self." [unofficial translation]

Even though the old forces arranged the paths of our cultivation, Teacher took advantage of their arrangements to put Fa-rectification disciples' paths of genuine cultivation in place. Some ideas that we thought came from ourselves perhaps were put in place by Teacher. Teacher controls all Dafa work on a macroscopic level. Teacher's Fashen track everything. The overall direction could never deviate. The issues that remain have to do with disciples removing our last attachments, to thereby assure the final and complete fulfillment of Teacher's plan. Therefore we should allow ourselves to go along with the opinion of the majority, or to follow the recommendations of the person coordinating any particular effort. Perhaps this is what we should be able to do. The idea that, "I am righteous; others are abnormal," is a characteristic exhibited by the old forces. We must resolutely rid ourselves of such mentalities as a part of our own cultivation.

Cultivation is the process of continuously expanding the capacity of our hearts. We should be able to accommodate differing opinions with calm and compassion, thereby improving as one body. Once the group makes a decision, we should actively participate and carry out the tasks regardless of whether we agree wholeheartedly. Dafa is a whole entity. Putting Dafa ahead of everything else is in itself a manifestation of selflessness.