On May 28, 2002 [Lunar calendar April 17, 2002], fellow practitioner Xing Jiaqiu (male, 27) and I posted Dafa truth clarifying banners, and painted "Falun Dafa Is Good!" signs on Hongle Mountain in Gangtun township. Several police ruffians from the Gangtun police station arrested us on our way down the mountain.

Three of the police kicked and beat us to the ground, then tied our hands behind our backs. They stripped the clothes off Xing's upper body and beat him. Three other police slapped me across my face, punched and kicked me, until the corner of my right eye, nose, lips, and ears were bleeding. One of the police struck me in the head with a fist size stone causing a bleeding half-inch gash. They also took off our shoes and made us walk barefoot. At around 8pm, we were thrown to a concrete floor in the Gangtun police station guarding office.

The policemen who came one by one to ask for our identity were violent. They recognized Xing, as a Dafa practitioner from Gangtun as he was on the police's wanted list. So Wang Aimin, head of police personally tortured and interrogated Xing for information regarding other Dafa practitioner and the source of Dafa materials. Xing's cries and the sounds of his beating could be heard all over the courtyard, I heard it clearly.

Other policemen kept on coming to try and force me to tell my name, address and age. They punched and kicked my head, face, shoulder, legs and feet, and then they handcuffed me to a bed by forcing me to kneel on the floor. The handcuffs cut deeply into my flesh and hurt badly. They flipped me in the air onto the bed while kicking and beating me, then put me on the floor again, my wrists were covered in blood. They also dug into my eyes, pinched my ears, hit me about the head with their fists, beat my face with belts, dug deeply into my ribs with their thumbs among other things in order to torture me.

Since they failed using violence, they turned to the "soft" approach. Some policemen began talking to me "showing" concern for me in order to get my identity. At their wit's end, they cuffed me to a radiator, then moved me to the second floor for further torture after they had tortured Xing enough.

From about 2am one night til 3pm the next afternoon Xing was tortured leaving him with egg-sized open wounds and looking very weak. Then they cuffed Xing to a radiator. Four policemen tried intimidating me to give up my identity. I refused. Exasperated, two young policemen kicked me randomly in the groin, hips, legs, and hands. They hit my face with a leather belt, and forced me to kneel, then they would force me up by pulling me by my hair, or they would hit my hips with piked clubs (my hips were left bruised). Tired out and unable to achieve their goal, they tied me to a bench with my legs bound together by a belt.

There were six policemen in the room with me, 5 of them were sound asleep, the last one looked half asleep. Between 4am and dawn I successfully loosened the ropes on my hands and the belt on my legs. So I walked barefoot out of the room, through the corridor door and then out the courtyard. I had to hold my clothes with my hands since they were torn to pieces. The doorkeeper saw me but didn't say anything. After walking out of the gate, I ran to the trails, crossed some woods, creeks, and then mountains. After about three hours and a distance of more than 10 Li [5 kilometers], I escaped.

Xing remains in the vicious Huludao Detention Center. Police are torturing him in order to get the information of other Dafa practitioners and Dafa material sources. Please send forth righteous thoughts to help him be freed.

The phone number of Gangtun police station: 86-429-4131376