"I know it clearly in my heart."

A Dafa practitioner told his relatives and friends, "Don't believe the propaganda about Falun Gong on national television." His relatives and friends replied, "We know in our hearts, the politicians always do things this way. In the past, they said that all the bad things were done by landowners and rich peasants. Now, they blame everything on Falun Gong.

"I have come to realize that they wrongly accuse Falun Gong for many things."

A Dafa practitioner gave her friend a truth-clarification flyer about Falun Gong but he was not willing to read it. Not long after, the friend said, "I didn't believe what you told me about the staged immolation catastrophe in Tiananmen Square, that it was a total deception by the government to frame Falun Gong. But now, I believe what you said was true. I also saw a murder case being investigated. When the police were unable to solve the case, they made up stories to try and blame it on Falun Gong. They even told the victim's family that the murder was perpetrated by Falun Gong practitioners. I know that this cannot be true and have therefore come to realize the Jiang's regime wrongly accuses Falun Gong for many things it had nothing to do with."