1. Electric Batons: Almost every Falun Dafa practitioner is brutalized with shocks from electric batons. Some women are shocked multiple times, and the sadistic guards increase the voltage each time a baton is used. Practitioners are shocked on the necks, arms and legs. They are often shocked until their legs become paralyzed. Due to the severe damage resulting from the shocks, some practitioners have lost control of their bladders.
  2. Death Bed: The four limbs of each practitioner are stretched out and tied to the corners of an icy-cold metal slab. The women cannot move at all. Nor are they allowed to get up to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom. This torture lasts periods of time ranging several hours to more than a month. This type of cruel torture has severely damaged practitioners, both mentally and physically.
  3. Verbal Abuse: As soon as practitioners are imprisoned at the labor camp, they are abused by guards and other people enlisted to help in an attempt to brainwash them. These scoundrels continually curse our Teacher and Falun Dafa repeatedly around the clock, attempting to weaken practitioner's determination, causing them to become disoriented and pressuring them to renounce their belief. The most vicious scoundrels are chosen to spread lies among groups of practitioners.
  4. Standing Punishment: In Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp, standing punishment is the most common form of physical torture. These women practitioners are forced to stand continuously barefoot on the icy-cold cement floor for several days and nights. While standing, practitioners are also verbally and physically abused.
  5. Solitary Confinement: When electric batons, verbal abuse, and standing punishment fail to make Falun Dafa practitioners renounce their belief, the guards put practitioners in solitary confinement. The rooms are cramped and dark, and practitioners are handcuffed.
  6. Sleep Deprivation: Every practitioner has been deprived of sleep at least once, some for several days. Some have gone several months with only a few hours of sleep per day.
  7. Slanderous Signs: Falun Dafa practitioners who do not cooperate with the persecutors by refusing to read brainwashing materials are forced to carry or wear signs that slander Falun Dafa. In addition, signs cursing Teacher and Dafa are placed around practitioners' beds.
  8. Long Labor Hours: The forced labor camp has two schedules--a fake one and a real one. The phony one, for public records and show, includes short labor hours, exercise periods, breaks and leisure activities. The actual schedule consists of long labor hours with limited bathroom breaks. These female practitioners are forced to work 12 to 17 hours each day.
  9. Heavy Labor: Female Falun Dafa practitioners are assigned the most arduous tasks, such as digging up tree roots, delivering coal, carrying sacks of beans and building sewers. Practitioners are given more work than other inmates. For example, digging up tree roots: three or four other inmates were assigned one tree, but one Falun Dafa practitioner, alone, had to do the same amount of work. In one case, while removing tree roots, four Falun Dafa practitioners, including a 60-year-old woman and a weakened, thin woman, were forced to carry the heaviest tree roots. It was midday and the sun was scorching hot. With the heavy tree roots on their backs, the practitioners laboriously kept moving. Regardless of how practitioners endure their heavy loads, guards keep yelling, "Hurry up! Hurry up!" This horrible situation is no different from the contents of slave movies we have seen in the past. Additionally, guards commonly assign practitioners to carry bean sacks as heavy as 60 kg up and down five flights of stairs. Even an emaciated female schoolteacher was forced to do so. In one instance a guard forced a sick practitioner to carry a heavy sack. Later that evening, the practitioner became unconscious. Another practitioner spoke out on her behalf , but the guards slapped her in the face.
  10. Second-Class Prisoners: In this labor camp, Dafa practitioners are subjected to all sorts of torture. The abuse is also perpetrated in subtler ways. For instance, other inmates are allowed to bully Falun Dafa practitioners at will. Elderly women practitioners are purposely humiliated. One elderly woman practitioner had to wear the same pair of worn cotton shoes throughout the year. In addition, she was not allowed to exchange daily supplies with other practitioners when she needed to, nor was she allowed to see her family. She was monitored even in the bathroom. When the guards needed to use the toilet, she had to leave it immediately. Failing to do so meant another round of verbal abuse. Furthermore, Falun Dafa practitioners are not allowed to ask questions about their work assignments. They are vehemently reprimanded if they do, but other inmates can speak freely and joke.

The above are only some of the crimes committed by the policemen in Heizuizi Women Forced Labor Camp in Changchun City, Jilin province.

We appeal to the kindhearted people to help stop this brutal and inhuman persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in China.