(Clearwisdom.net) I firmly practice Falun Dafa. During the evil persecution of Falun Dafa, fellow practitioners and I have appealed to the local government and to the Beijing authorities. We have been detained in Wafangdian City's Detention Center in Liaoning Province three times and were illegally sentenced to forced labor for two and a half years. Today I wrote down my experiences during that period of time to clarify the truth to the people and to expose the evil.

On December 3, 1999, eight of us practitioners were seized and arrested in front of the Appeal Office in Beijing. To accommodate all the arrests of Falun Gong practitioners the Beijing police force had been increased by the addition of policemen coming from other cities and counties. When we were arrested and detained, they beat us and viciously tortured us. My daughter was choked, struck hard on her chest right above her heart and beaten to the ground by a police officer. A female practitioner was handcuffed behind the back with one hand above the shoulder and another one below the shoulder, and beaten by policemen. Another practitioner was stripped down to the underwear and brutally beaten. I experienced all of these events or saw then with my own eyes.

On December 5, 1999, we were detained at the Wafangdian Police Department. First, policemen threatened, beat and cursed us, and then searched us and confiscated all our money. Those who went to Beijing were fined anywhere from a thousand Yuan to several thousand Yuan per person [one thousand Yuan is equivalent to about five months of income in rural China]. We were detained in cells. Although we had to pay 200 Yuan per month for meals, we received only steamed cornbread and salted vegetables for every meal, three times per day. We didn't even have any toilet paper. We were forced to perform heavy labor for 15 or 16 hours per day. If we attempted to take a little time to practice our exercises, the heartless police would shout out viciously, "Cuff her! Hang her! Beat her hard!"

On January 19, 2000, I was sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. One day in the camp felt like a year in normal life. As long as you didn't give in to them, the camp authorities would torture you with all kinds of despicable means. If electric batons and other physical torture couldn't help them to get their way, they would force us to sit in a hot and suffocating room all day long with no movement allowed until 12 a.m., then we would be allowed to have a little sleep. Such torture lasted half a month. There were periods of time when prison guards measured our blood pressure and administered medicine to us. If people refused to take the medicine, guards would grab practitioners' necks, forcing them to swallow it. A 59-year-old lady had a broken rib due to such treatment. Every couple of days, the authorities would do body searches, and search our beds and luggage for any Dafa materials. The most vicious torture was to confine one of us in a solitary compartment. Other tortures included sleep deprivation, forcing us to stand still for a long period of time, forcing us to squat down holding still for a long period of time, subjecting us to electric shock and anything else their twisted minds could come up with.

One day, a practitioner was called out of the cell. Not much later came the sounds of electric shock and the miserable crying from the practitioner nearby. There were many practitioners who protested such inhumane persecution with hunger strikes. As far as I knew, the longest hunger strike lasted more than two months.

One evening, I was called and sent to a solitary compartment. I was forced to stand with my two legs straight, my back bent at a 90-degree-angle and my hands straight but not touching the ground. If I held the posture a little bit off, I was kicked to the ground and cursed, "Why do you not forbear?" [mocking the practitioner's belief in the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance] I was forced to keep such a position for over an hour and then couldn't bear it and had to squat down. The prison police said, "Considering your old age, we'll just give you a break." Then I was forced to squat, with my left foot flat on the ground but my right foot pointed with only the toes touching the ground, and my two legs separated. If I was a little off, I would be kicked down again. I persisted and recited Master's articles. I lasted for over two hours. I knew Master was helping me to endure.

On June 6, 2001, I was allowed to serve the remainder of my term at home. The local police often break into practitioners' homes to threaten them and conduct searches, and to bring practitioners to the local police station for interrogation. My daughter is still illegally detained in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

A Dafa practitioner's son wanted to join the military. The person in charge of enlistment in the city obstructed him because his father practices Falun Gong, which caused a long dispute in the family. [Reference note: In rural areas the only way a person has of making a better living and having a better future is to either be accepted in a university or the military. Therefore, preventing someone's family member from entering the military is to cut off their means to provide a better life for their family]

On December 7, there were eight people (one was not practitioner) detained in the Wafangdian detention center. Five of them were detained for seven days, two for half a month and one still has not returned yet.

List of perpetrators:

Zhao, the head of the police station in Xietun Town in Wafangdian City

Wang Shikai, an officer of the police station in Xietun Town

The police station in Xietun Town, 86-411-5220108