(Clearwisdom.net) In mid-June, the Icelandic government, under pressure from the scoundrel Jiang regime, decided to bar Falun Gong practitioners from entering the country for a period of time. This decision to buckle to foreign tyranny and going against the will of the Icelandic people caused a big stir in the international community. In the following several days, Falun Gong practitioners who were refused entry have conducted themselves in an open and dignified manner. Expressing their stance clearly and with determination, the practitioners also demonstrated their compassion, understanding and tolerance when they had dialogues with concerned government officials, policemen, airline employees, human rights organizations, media and diplomats, etc. To those people, not only did the practitioners introduce the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution against it, they also helped them understand why they have gone to such great lengths--in terms of every individual's time and financial commitments--to participate unwaveringly in this peaceful protest against Jiang, the chief culprit that launched the campaign against Falun Gong. The efforts of those Falun Gong practitioners from different countries around the world and their peacefulness and benevolence in words and actions have enabled more governments, organizations and people of the world (including some countries' Interpol and other intelligence organizations, which had supplied inaccurate information before the incident occurred to the Icelandic government and played a role in the incorrect decision-making) to get to know firsthand the truth about Falun Gong as well as the true, evil nature of Jiang.

As this event unfolded, however, many changes have taken place. For instance, it has come to our attention that those countries and organizations that were mainly responsible for this unfortunate incident have so far failed to come forward and play a positive role in restoring the image of the Icelandic government as one that advocates democracy and freedom, or making timely amends for the adverse effects they have caused. Some government officials went on to use flimsy pretexts as justifications for their reluctance to lift the ban, even though they have been completely convinced of the peaceful nature of Falun Gong and its practitioners. They contended that it was still necessary for them to keep the ban in place--not because they were concerned of any violent Falun Gong actions, but because they did not want to see thugs in the Chinese delegation violate the law and use violence to harm Falun Gong practitioners. Their answer only had people wondering about the validity of the logic: If this is true, why not refuse the entry to those dangerous people in the Chinese delegation? Why did they do that to the peaceful and kind Falun Gong practitioners instead? This is even more inconceivable because it happened in Iceland, a country known for its peacefulness and respect for human rights. In contrast to the measures taken by the Icelandic government against it, Falun Gong has won support from the vast majority of Icelanders, and the media there openly questioned the government's unjust policy against Falun Gong practitioners. This indicates that the Icelandic government must have received a lot of pressure to keep the ban in place, and the pressure certainly did not come from the Icelandic people.

Who, then, is exerting pressure on the Icelandic government? We would like to once again urge Jiang's regime to stop its persecution against Falun Gong practitioners, and to stop applying pressure on Western democratic countries in its efforts to manipulate those countries' attitudes towards Falun Gong. We also make an urgent call to all democratic countries to provide moral support to the Icelandic government and Falun Gong practitioners, to relieve them of the pressure from the Chinese dictator. Jiang not only has brought catastrophes to countless kind-hearted Chinese people, he has also damaged the prestige of Iceland and caused trouble in other Western democratic countries. We all should take steps to make Jiang stop his persecution, rather than let more democratic countries suffer from his tyranny.

The definition of a democracy is a government by the people to protect the best interests of the people, and a government's incorrect decisions will have consequences to be borne by the people. As cultivators, we Falun Dafa disciples have a clear understanding about the extremely adverse and lasting effects this incident will have on the future of all those who have been involved with the decision. Actually, it is not just the Icelandic government, people, or society, but every government and its people who have been involved with or witnessed this incidence through channels like the media will feel its effects now and in the future to varying degrees. We further understand that an evil interference has been behind this incident and has been affecting people with inadequate righteous thoughts. This, we believe, is the real reason for the people's failure to take immediate actions, to rationally, cool-headedly correct their mistakes, and to help alleviate the situation. This also reminds us of the importance to do well in Fa study, truth clarification, and sending forth righteous thoughts together -- and not to neglect any of them. On the path of Fa-rectification, each opportunity for the people to position themselves, to choose their future, is hard-earned and can be lost in an instant.

On this note, we now are making an urgent call to every Dafa disciple outside of China to take immediate action. While continuing to do well in sending forth righteous thoughts and studying the Fa, we should make full use of our wisdom and the environment carved out for us by Dafa to clarify the truth to the concerned parties and to bring about, before Jiang finishes his visit there, a complete lifting of the ban against Falun Gong practitioners by the Icelandic government.