For the old forces resisting the Fa-rectification, their strength to prop up the head of the evil has now become, relatively speaking, very weak, and it is exhausted or eliminated en mass on a daily basis by Dafa disciples who are sending forth righteous thoughts. In trying to continue with their attachment to fulfilling their so-called Fa-rectification arrangements, the old forces now have only one choice: to interfere with Dafa disciples so that they would fail to reach the standards for Fa study, clarifying the truth, and sending forth righteous thoughts. They take advantage of Dafa disciples' human side that hasn't been eliminated yet in cultivation, and use various ways to cause interference.

For example, they meddle with human thoughts directly, to make those Dafa disciples who haven't been able to study the Fa well become numb, busy, disorganized in their work and unable to prioritize.

Some disciples cultivating with certain capabilities open were able to see, in their own cultivation states, that those demons were having a meeting to call for a mass mobilization, and to discuss on how to sabotage our sending of righteous thoughts this time. They even put aside other matters on hand to throw themselves into this effort. How are they going to cause damage then? For them, a very important aspect is to keep us busy and numb. Many disciples understand that sending forth righteous thoughts at this time is very important, but some disciples are always concerned about their work at hand, which has created a certain degree of attachment and has given the evil a chance to exploit this attachment. When we have some negative thoughts, when some human thoughts come out, or when our righteous thoughts are not powerful enough, the evil will take advantage of these inadequacies to make disciples fall into a state of being a bit numb and less diligent. We have come to the same understanding from studying the Fa principles.

The evil takes advantage of our gaps and restrains our practitioners by making them numb. At many critical moments, practitioners as one single body were greatly restrained because each individual had gaps in his cultivation. Sometimes, what has manifested is already very clear, but the practitioners are not sensitive to it; nor are they able to remove the interference and correct their own behaviors in a timely fashion. On issues such as (i) there is a need for us to clarify the truth wherever there is a problem; (ii) we should send forth righteous thoughts in groups or in front of the embassies/consulates; (iii) we should not be attached to our own human thoughts and notions, etc., some practitioners seem to only pay lip service to them most of the time. Those practitioners would also jump to talking about something else when the issue of sending forth righteous thoughts is brought up. It is very difficult for them to focus their attention on the topic of sending forth righteous thoughts, and the time for sending forth righteous thoughts simultaneously has often been missed due to various matters they cannot put aside at that moment.

Unless we can look within for cause of the problem and come to have a clear understanding of our own omissions in a timely fashion, it will be very difficult to clear up the evil that hides in those omissions despite the righteous thoughts we send.

During those early years when Master just started to spread the Fa, both the Tao and Demon were being passed on, so it was difficult for people to differentiate between the two. Today, when faced with the key opportunities for the Fa-rectification, the demons have redoubled their efforts to interfere with our thinking, and to make us unable to differentiate between the highest priorities and things of secondary importance through manipulating our notions.

The demons that have been living off my omissions have been restraining me and persecuting other practitioners. The other Fa-rectification work of ours will be affected too if we do not fulfill our obligation to eliminate the evil, as those warped substances exist in our bodies and interfere with us. Only if we are able to dynamically integrate eliminating the evil with other Dafa work, can we make progress on both fronts and let them complement each other. Master has been waiting for us with great compassion, waiting for us to step out of humanness. This stepping out is not something on the surface--when human notions hinder us, it is pointless to talk about stepping out of humanness. Cultivation is not for others to see. Perhaps, everyone can see you are very busy everyday, but when you do your work, it is extremely important that you truly keep a cultivator's heart and carry no human notions.

The difficulty with the creation of an opportunity

In Zhuan Falun, Master mentions "cosmic timing, favorable earth conditions, and human harmony." It is really important to coordinate with and handle well the celestial changes, as they affect the entire situation of Fa-rectification. In contrast, a lot of work we are doing, as important as it is, should not be neglected when we attend to other things and of course, should be done well, but it only represents problems pertaining to certain aspects of the situation. If we are able to do a good job at this, a peaceful environment and time period will be carved out for the sentient beings to know Dafa, and we will also have more time to continue with the Dafa work on hand now; in that case our Dafa work will be truly more effective.

During the Fa-rectification, it is extremely difficult to bring about a great cosmic change. Buddhas, Taos, and Gods are all watching and waiting now. Master also says in Zhuan Falun, "Without human action happening under cosmic changes, such conditions would not have been brought to ordinary human society, and neither would they be called cosmic changes." Many factors have culminated in this opportunity, and if we, the Fa's divine guardians in the human world, do not react to it, the cosmic change will not take place either. More importantly, when such an opportunity is lost, it is lost forever.

The demons have all been called to action now. Before, when we sent forth righteous thoughts, they would hide in their dens or run away. Now, they have all started to take action. Fully aware of their elimination by the righteous thoughts we send forth, those demons still send in reinforcements at whatever costs to sustain the head of the evil.

Facing this momentous, historic opportunity, let's handle it well and solemnly. Countless sentient beings are looking forward to the history that will be re-written by us; let's strive forward to meet their aspirations.

In recent experience sharing, fellow practitioners shared some very helpful insights.

  1. Two important elements: forming one whole entity and firm belief
  2. If you really have firm belief and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, those old arrangements will be changed, history will be rewritten, and countless sentient beings will be saved on a larger scale. When that happens, we will be relieved of the state of participating in something involuntarily, and there will be no more counting of who has come and who hasn't; rather, everyone will completely apply himself to get it done as well as possible. This is because every one of us would understand that it is real, and the opportunity, when lost, will never come back.

    On the greater issues that relate to the whole situation of Fa-rectification, it is crucial whether we are able to form a single, indestructible entity that has no omissions. The evil will have to stop its so-called test when we are able to form such an entity, and when we take actions and initiatives to keep up with the progress of the Fa-rectification.

  3. No self-interest or sense of self, which make us indestructible in the face of the old forces
  4. The old forces are warped, and the part of us that has not been cultivated has warped components too. If we show our human side, the old forces are able to overpower us, because they can be traced to the highest level. However, if we manifest the side of a Fa particle that has no such concept as self-interest or the sense of self, we will become indestructible because those old forces surely have their self-interest -- which is precisely their impurity.

    Two weeks ago, we participated in a dragon boat race, but I missed it under the pretext of working on something else. When we later exchanged experiences, a fellow practitioner said to me, "Everybody is talking about clarifying the truth to the Chinese people. How to do it? This dragon boat race attracted over one thousand Chinese, who came from several states--what a good opportunity! But you just let it slip away." Another practitioner said, "Master has made all the arrangements for us. It will work if we could only follow along, but we always like to pick a path for ourselves."

    Upon hearing this, I felt that Master was using their words to give me hints. We like to think to ourselves certain things are more important than others, but we spend a lot of time choosing the best, only to pick the path that has deviated from the shortest path in the middle, or a detour. The reason for this, I believe, still comes from the notion of "self," which represents our attachment to things that we prefer to do.

  5. Use our "heart" to do it
  6. When we go to the embassy to send forth righteous thoughts, we are only participating in the superficial action if we are not very clear about its true significance. It will be even more powerful if we use our hearts to do it. Besides, we will be vulnerable to interference if we are not clear about it, or if our hearts are not there.

  7. Make phone calls to China to let more disciples there get the news in a timely fashion, so that they can participate simultaneously in things that require every Dafa disciple to work as a single body.