Everyday, we come across surprising things in Iceland. Because of group Fa study and experience sharing, our cultivation state is getting better and better. Our conduct is no longer hasty, and we can be truly calm whenever conflicts surface as we "Do but pursue not" (Hongyin, "In the Dao"). We enlightened to the principle of the Fa that whenever and wherever an incident surfaces, we need to clarify the truth.

Because the head evil wildly put pressure to Iceland's government to ban Falun Dafa practitioners from entering Iceland, Iceland's government agreed, and a list was compiled of practitioners who were thought to be possibly coming to Iceland to protest. Seventy Falun Dafa practitioners who arrived in Iceland on the morning of June 10th were not allowed through customs into Iceland but instead were sent to a temporary detention center at a school.

Naturally, Falun Dafa practitioners went to government departments and the media to clarify the truth. A piece of news that moved every practitioner came in the evening. More than 300 people organized by a non-governmental organization drove more than 100 cars to the school where the Dafa practitioners were being detained. There was a yellow strip posted on each car. These people gave every house on the way a banner that read, "Evil is met with retribution." When they reached the school, they asked for one Dafa practitioner to come out and teach them the exercises on the spot. They then said to the police, "We are also Falun Gong practitioners. Why don't you lock us up?"

That same evening, these 70 practitioners were released due to the strong reactions from the media, human rights and civil liberties organizations, and the general public. All of our fellow practitioners who are reading this must be moved by the righteous actions of Icelandic people. The people of Iceland are truly kindhearted. We received support from other countries in the world, but here in Iceland, 95% of the people and 100% of the media are supporting us, according to a survey. They have not only used their words, but also their actions to unconditionally appeal for us, out of respect for our peaceful ways. Representatives of some organizations told us, "The places that police would not let you go, we will go there to represent you."

One person with supernormal abilities comes to our practice site everyday. After finding out our current situation, he said, "You can be at ease sending forth righteous thoughts, and doing your most important thing. All the people of Iceland are on your side. Things on the surface can be done by Icelandic people." Now that all media, including TV, radio, and newspapers are all intensively reporting this incident, there are many people pouring in to learn the practice everyday.

We have Master with us, we have the Fa with us, we have thousands upon thousands of Icelandic people on our side, so what do we have to fear? Let all Falun Dafa practitioners in the world send forth the righteous thoughts together, and not be interfered with by any outside elements. We have had differing opinions during these last few days in Iceland, but we have been able to put down selfishness, "put the Fa first" (Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston), and have made the best use of our time to study the Fa. Through improving our Fa study, we now more easily reach agreement and find common ground. When seeing that the general public supported us unconditionally, a fellow practitioner sighed, "On the surface it looks like the people are helping us, but all of our guardians are acting when our mind are righteous." If each practitioner can be purely righteous and purely compassionate, the old forces in the universe dare not block nor damage our truth clarification, because they know what that means for them.

Let us encourage each other with Master's poem,


Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions


A Great Enlightened Being does not fear hardship

Having forged an adamantine will

And with no attachment to living or dying

He walks his path of Fa-rectification openly and nobly