June 3, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) Since Dafa practitioners in Heilongjiang Province broadcasted truth-clarifying videos over local cable television at the end of April, the police have been severely persecuting Dafa practitioners. Just a few days after the broadcast, the cable TV route was changed in order to stop Dafa practitioners from clarifying the truth further. They designated specific people in many buildings to guard the "small boxes" that may be used to insert videotapes. Now the cable TV station itself has become heavily guarded.

In fear of the Changchun incidents being replayed in Harbin City, the regime recently utilized community offices to recruit a large number of vagrants. They are approximately 30 years old and have been equipped with walkie-talkies. These misguided men take turns patrolling the cable TV route 24 hours a day. They were authorized to use violence on "suspects." However, several truth-clarifying videos were still successfully broadcast on April 20th and 21st in Heilongjiang Province.

At the end of April, a large-scale roundup of practitioners began to take place in Heilongjiang. The head of the "610 Office" Luo Gan went to Heilongjiang recently to escalate the persecution of Dafa practitioners. (The 610 Office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration of the Party, and all other political and judiciary system.) He also assigned a task to the Heilongjiang law enforcement to arrest about 6000 Dafa practitioners (there are about 220 thousand Dafa practitioners on the name list at the police station in Heilongjiang) within the months of April, May and June, with 2000 practitioners arrested each month.

Since Luo came here, Heilongjiang has set up a "610 Office" that is equipped with sophisticated equipment to monitor and arrest Dafa practitioners secretly.

At the end of April, a truth clarifying material center near the Harbor Bureau in Daowai District in Harbin City was ransacked. A practitioner, Ms. Zhang, was arrested. Another spot in Taiping district was searched and two practitioners were arrested, one of whom was beaten to death just two hours after the arrest. The police thought they could find some "key" practitioners in Taiping District.

Station I at Jianbei had been a very secure material spot, but it was searched the day after a spy, Wang Dan, went there. Wang even said ahead of time, "All the others say that I am a spy and dare not contact me." All the material spots that were known by Wang have been ransacked. Since last summer, the monetary value of the damage that Wang has done has approached millions of Yuan RMB [The average monthly income in urban China is about 500 Yuan]. Another place where practitioners live was also ransacked.

In early May, three Dafa practitioners in Nangang were arrested while hanging up banners in Dongfeng Town and are still illegally detained there.

According to the latest news, 12 practitioners in Daowai District were arrested for clarifying the truth. Two practitioners were taken away because they talked about Dafa loudly. A practitioner was arrested just after he posted truth clarifying items at a museum in Harbin City. A family of three was arrested in Daiwai district. A female practitioner with the surname of Wang was arrested too.

A practitioner named Bai Jing was arrested at a material center in Hongqi District at the end of May, and the station was illegally ransacked. Speakers for broadcasting the truth were are all lost. Because Bai Jing had an ID and checkbook with her, the police were able to identify her immediately.

At the end of May, a policeman tailed a practitioner in charge of materials for several hours. The practitioner eventually lost the police. Practitioner Li Dajie from Nangang was later taken away because the police discovered that he was the owner of the car by checking the vehicle identification number. Dafa practitioner Xu Youyun's house door was pried open by the police. Xu was arrested and his wife Li Yaru broke her legs when she jumped down from the fifth floor in order to avoid being taken away by the police. His eldest son, a non-practitioner, was also arrested and the store run by his son was closed. Due to the escape of Li Yaru, the police also arrested their second son, a non-practitioner.

Recently, the police in Harbin have adopted all the vicious means that the notorious "610 Office" in Beijing is using to arrest practitioners. They are tailing practitioners, and monitored practitioners' cellular phones and pagers.

The police began another round of searches on May 25, which had been reported on Clearwisdom. Two practitioners in Heping District were arrested on May 31 by a number of policemen in over ten police vans. Afterwards, some of them returned to search their residences again. Some practitioners in Daoli and Xiangfang were also arrested. However, we weren't able to obtain all the news in a timely manner.

Here we hope Dafa practitioners in Harbin will maintain righteous thoughts all the time and eliminate the evil factors when handing out truth materials. Let us study the Fa in this harsh environment and completely oppose any arrangement by the old forces. "And with no attachment to living or dying, He walks his path of Fa-rectification openly and nobly." ("Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions")