June 6, 20002

(Clearwisdom.net) I have been forced to stay away from my home for over a year and my seven-year old daughter was left at home to live with her grandparents. After she had been separated from me for a long time, she wanted to see me, her dad. She often cried for unknown reasons. Her grandmother asked her why she cried, and she said she wanted to see her dad, which in turn also caused her grandparents to cry. I was on the wanted list distributed by Jiang's followers, because I believe in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," strive to be a noble-minded person and speak out about the truth. Several members of my family were sent to forced labor camps or brainwashing classes, and only the elderly people and my child are left in my home. Several times on the phone, my daughter asked me where I was and told me she missed me. However, I could not tell her where I was staying. I could only ask her to be a good child; she cried while saying "yes" to my request.

One time, I took my daughter over to the place where I was staying. On the road, she was very happy and joyfully asked me what my place looked like. I told her that she would know after getting there. She said that she would feel happy about the place as long as her dad lived there. She told me that she was very afraid that the police would arrest me. I told her not to be afraid since a good policeman would not arrest good people.

That day, my wife and I discussed how to solve the problem of earning our living, because it was not convenient for us to find jobs locally. My daughter heard this conversation and she cried while trying not to let us see her crying. I asked her the reason and she said while crying, "I might not go to school next semester, because your savings are getting depleted." Hearing this, I tried to keep myself from crying. I told her, "As long as you will be a good little girl, I will have the money to support your going to school. We will make sure that you get a good education." She said that it would be fine if I taught her at home. What a considerate child!