Dafa disciples escape danger with righteous thoughts

Dafa disciple A was kidnapped and went on a hunger strike to resist the persecution. She completely opposed the arrangements of the old forces and eliminated the evil with righteous thoughts. She became free after the 7th day.

Dafa disciple B was kidnapped and sent to a police substation. He determinedly resisted the evil and completely opposed the arrangements of the evil old forces. He had perfect faith and did not doubt that he could escape. He sent forth righteous thoughts to unwrap the rope that bound him. Meanwhile, due to his righteous thgouhts all six people that were watching him fell sleep. He then sent forth righteous thoughts and left there safely.

A Truth-clarifying video shakes people's hearts

I have a friend who did not believe that CCTV and Chinese newspapers would lie or broadcast false stories. One day, I gave him a video from fgmtv.org that clarified the truth. After watching it, he said, "It was great!" Since then he no longer says bad things about Dafa.