(Clearwisdom.net) At this time in Russia, Dafa practitioners from all over the world are participating in sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity. They have changed their time schedule for sending forth righteous thoughts from the top of each hour and each half-hour to all the time, in small groups. At tourist attractions, hotels and even in the streets, Dafa practitioners are constantly sending forth righteous thoughts, all the time.

The old evil forces do all they can to create interference with Dafa practitioners' sacred activities. Such interference, to distract practitioners, manifests itself as hindering Dafa practitioners' phone communications, limiting their access to the Internet, frequent visits from the KGB (the Russian Secret Service), lost baggage and complications during hotel checkout. Practitioners quickly realized this interference for what it was, and they overcame many difficulties with calm minds, remembering, "just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations." ["Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)"] No matter where they are, Dafa practitioners always have a clear purpose, which is to use their powerful righteous thoughts to eliminate the evils in other dimensions that are manipulating the head of the evil in this dimension.

We call on all Dafa practitioners around the world to continue to increase the frequency and length of sending forth righteous thoughts. In this extraordinary historic era, let us walk steadily together on our magnificent Fa rectification path.