Since June 7 2002, practitioners from Vancouver have been sending forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Consulate around the clock. The practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts every half an hour, and during the intervals, they made good use of the time to study the Fa and practice the exercises. On Saturday and Sunday, more practitioners joined the activity. Many elderly practitioners overcame difficulties and came to the consulate to send forth righteous thoughts. Temperatures in Vancouver changed dramatically from day to night. In the daytime, the sun was scorching; but at night, it was so cold that one needed to put on coat. Practitioners encouraged each other, studied Fa together and exchanged experiences to strive forward together.

The practitioners understood the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts after studying Teacher's new scriptures. It is the practitioners' responsibility to eliminate the evil elements controlling the head of the evil since we are responsible for all righteous elements in the cosmos. In fact this is the great compassionate and tolerant action that will create a fair and peaceful environment for sentient beings to know Dafa and to learn the truth. At present, the practitioners in China are clarifying the truth and offering salvation to people under harsh persecution. The conditions of the overseas practitioners are much better, though there are also evil persecutions overseas through different means. If we pursue comfort, the evil will utilize our attachments to impose on us plenty of reasons and a full daily schedule so that we will not have any time to participate in Fa rectification. The evil will make you consider your own things more important than Dafa work, so you won't have time to send forth righteous thoughts and thus not be able to strive forward. Isn't this one means that the evil uses to persecute overseas practitioners? This is from the point of view of practitioners' personal cultivation. But considering the Fa rectification, the loss is even greater. Therefore, at this critical moment, we should all be clear about our role in the Fa-rectification period, do what a true disciple is supposed to do and closely follow our Teacher in the Fa rectification process.