(Clearwisdom.net) St. Petersburg was the capital of Russia for over two hundred years in the recent past. Today at this historic moment, a major battle between the righteous and the evil is taking place. Practitioners from different countries all over the world, from the now independent members of the former Soviet Union, and from various places within Russia have come together here to send forth the purest righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil forces in other dimensions that are controlling the head of the evil in the human world.

With all his atrocities and criminal activities, the number one evil in the world has long outraged both humans and gods, and can no longer be tolerated by heaven or earth. However, Dafa practitioners, who abide by the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," will absolutely not adopt any extreme measures of the human world. In the past three years, practitioners have always used peaceful means to petition the Chinese government, appealing to them to stop persecuting good people. In sending forth righteous thoughts, we are in an open and aboveboard manner using the power of Buddha Fa disciples' strongest, purest and the most determined thoughts to completely eradicate the evil factors in other dimensions that are controlling the number one evil villain and murderer in the human world.

The determination of Dafa practitioners has moved heaven and earth. Let us reject completely the arrangement of the old forces, and secure some valuable time to save the precious Chinese people who have been misled.