(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of June 7, we learned the news from St. Petersburg that fellow practitioners there increased the frequency of sending forth righteous thoughts from once every hour to twice every hour to eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions that are controlling the head of the evil. During these days of frequently sending forth righteous thoughts, the interference that practitioners are experiencing most is "pain." Some practitioners who normally have no trouble in doing the sitting meditation for over one hour now have to endure great hardship sitting in full lotus position for only 15 minutes to send forth righteous thoughts. At present, some practitioners have switched sitting position from full lotus to half lotus and to sitting with legs casually crossed to send forth righteous thoughts. Many feel enormous pain all over their bodies while sending forth righteous thoughts, even while standing. By noon on June 8, we all felt that our righteous thoughts were weakened. By midnight, only a few practitioners participated in sending forth righteous thoughts. Others were either reading Zhuan Falun, or chatting or closing their eyes to take a rest. Thus, some practitioners proposed to have a group Fa study and discussion.

Why do we feel so much pain? After discussions, we realized that the old force crammed the lowest-level section of each of the countless cosmic systems into the Three Realms and crammed them into our Dafa disciples' bodies in other dimensions, which thus formed numerous segments where countless evil beings are hiding. When we send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil beings behind the head of the evil, all these evil factors try to hold us back. Furthermore, because all matters in the Three Realms are connecting with each other, both evils inside and outside our bodies simultaneously try to interfere with us to prevent us from sending forth righteous thoughts. This is why we feel so much pain. Feeling pain also shows that our bodies are still not purified enough. Practitioners also feel more pain when sending forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Consulate than when doing it at home. The consulates in other dimensions are also where the evil assembles and they directly link with the headquarters of the evil. Probably this is one of the reasons why it is so important for our overseas practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts in front of the Consulates.

Understanding that this was the evil interference, the next question was how to eliminate it. Fellow practitioners from other areas reminded us: The power of righteous thoughts will not be reduced if some practitioners sit in different positions other than the full lotus position. If our thoughts are pure enough, the power would be the same whether we erect our hands or not. But for those who are normally able to sit in full lotus position for quite a long time, but now have troubles even sitting for 15 minutes to send forth righteous thoughts, that must be the evil's interference. We can add the thought of eliminating the interference of pain while sending forth righteous thoughts.

Through intensively sending forth righteous thoughts in the past few days, we felt that Dafa practitioners have holistically improved and made dramatic progress. Teacher gave us another chance to get rid of the bondage resulting from our karma and human notions and truly step out of being human. Let us fully cherish this period of precious time and closely follow our Teacher in the process of Fa rectification.