(Clearwisdom.net) The process of Fa rectification has been accelerating, and Falun Gong practitioners from Houston have also increased the frequency of their sending forth righteous thoughts. Since June 3, practitioners have been sending forth righteous thoughts at the beginning of each hour in the evening. During the past weekend, practitioners took turns sending forth righteous thoughts for 48 hours. Some practitioners from San Antonio and Austin also drove to the Chinese Consulate in Houston to join this group activity.

Here, in the daytime, the temperature is as high as 100 degree Fahrenheit and the sun is scorching. In the evening, in addition to harassment from poisonous ants, mosquitoes and other bugs, there are also thunderstorms. But with steadfast righteous thoughts, practitioners are not moved at all. Although the frightening thunder roars overhead, practitioners continuously sent forth righteous thoughts in the thunderstorm for over one hour. During that time, practitioners held in their hearts only their purest and most steadfast righteous thoughts, while in other dimensions, countless gods were assisting the battle. The occasion was incomparably grand and no chance was left for the evil to get a reprieve.

Nothing can obstruct practitioners from carrying out their sacred mission. Our righteous thoughts and righteous actions have constructed the path of Fa rectification. Falun Dafa will bring forth the most wonderful future to all kind beings.