(Clearwisdom.net) Note: "My Wish" is an article written by my child. We all have the same wish, along with hundreds of thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners. Wake up, people! If you understand the truth about Falun Gong, you are being responsible to yourself and to others. If you allow yourselves to be deceived by lies, then you do yourself and others a grave injustice. Perhaps this wish can inspire you to remain connected to your roots and stand tall in the wind.

My Wish

Do I have wishes? Maybe I have...

This spring, a fierce sandstorm blew across our area. It began with yellow grit falling all around for several days, followed by blowing winds and swirling dust lasting many days and nights. One Sunday afternoon, as I was on my way home, I was beset by a northwest wind so powerful that I could not lift my head. As I walked toward a shed for shelter, I noticed that the wind was so fierce that the willow trees on both sides of the road had been blown over onto their sides, torn up by their roots. From the howling sound coming from them, I knew they were sending a message to the sandstorm asking for help, begging it to stop. I observed, "Trees are weak, just like humans." To my surprise, I heard a reply, "Not all trees are so weak." As I turned, I saw the old man who denied my remark.

He had silver-gray hair and a reddish glow on his face. He pointed to a row of nearby poplar trees, and said laughingly, "Look. Do they in any way look weak to you?" I took a good look at the poplar trees. They stood about two or three meters tall. They seemed like warriors guarding their posts in the wind, standing still, unmoved by the onslaught. Compared to them, the willow trees seemed too weak to resist.

"No, no," I replied firmly.

"Right!" The old man continued along my thought line, "They are tall, strong, unwavering, and dignified. They bravely face severe winters and summers. They overlook everything with the serenity of wise men."

"So well said!" I interjected with approval.

"Do you have such confidence? Do you wish to conquer the windstorm?"

"I do," I replied firmly, without even thinking about it. I thought to myself that it would be wonderful if everybody would face the wind with such firmness.

The way the poplar trees faced the windstorm made me think of the many people who have fought strongly and peacefully for the truth over this past three years. More than one thousand innocent lives have been tragically lost because of severe torture. Yet a hundred million of these determined people have not been frightened, nor have they panicked. They overlook everything with the serenity of wise men. They tolerate all of this with minds of great compassion and great forbearance. They wake up people's conscience with their unwavering strength and conduct. Unmoved by the onslaught, they have awakened the people of the world to the truth, so they can bravely join the side of justice. In the beginning, I, like the willow, had become disconnected from my roots, but I will never be that way again. These people of great compassion, great forbearance and great courage have awoken my conscience, and that of many others. Such confidence and such a stance from all of us is indeed needed. I would like to be like them, to refuse to give in to the evil, to dissolve people's hatred with my own pure and clean heart, to save those in the crowd who can't feel for themselves what is happening, and to help more people understand the truth. If all of us faced the windstorm in this way, it could no longer cause such damage. This is my only great wish, and it is within my reach.

My wish is that my country will soon be peaceful and stable.

The wind was getting weaker, but the white poplar trees stood proudly, unmoved.

The old man laughed kindly. Lifting up my head and facing the west wind, I started home.