(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to share with fellow practitioners my experiences and understandings in cultivation practice over the past half year. Please correct me if there is anything inappropriate.

I. Solidly complete the last part of cultivation practice

Currently the process of Fa-rectification has reached a new stage. The evil forces have reached the extremes of insanity, but are also at the end of their rope. They manipulate ordinary people to spread deceiving rumors, and arbitrarily arrest, beat up and ruthlessly kill Falun Dafa practitioners. They have become totally unpardonable. Recently, a few practitioners from our county were illegally arrested by the police. The wicked thugs from the terrorist "610 Office" use media to defame Falun Dafa, force innocent middle school and elementary school students to make critical remarks about Dafa, and routinely mislead the sentient beings to commit mammoth sins that will take them towards the bottomless abyss. I realized that all that has happened is related to the fact that practitioners in our town as a whole have not reached the state of non-omission with diamond solidity. Now we are no long in the stage of personal cultivation; therefore, it becomes critically important for us as one body made up of all Dafa particles, to holistically make an all out effort. We are disciples of the Lord of Buddha. The evil is not worthy of testing us. We cannot allow any loss to occur to Dafa because of our omissions. Therefore at present we must do well the three things that Teacher has taught us:

1. Study the Fa with a calm mind and take the Fa as the Teacher.

This is also the requirement that will ensure powerful righteous thoughts. We should frequently study Teacher's new articles, try to fully understand the meaning of Fa-rectification cultivation, and truly merge ourselves into the process of Fa-rectification rather than simply doing some Fa-rectification work as a formality.

2. Clarify the truth comprehensively.

We should clarify the truth with wisdom according to our own situation. We may utilize various forms and aim at the everyday people's attachments in order to clarify the truth. However, for those who already know the truth of Dafa but still persist in persecuting Dafa and Dafa practitioners blindly, it is not necessary to clarify the truth face to face with them. Rather, we can send forth righteous thoughts for them to receive immediate retribution. I realize that there will be a large number of evils to be eliminated at the end of Fa-rectification, so we shall send forth righteous thoughts to those completely unpardonable wicked thugs to eliminate the evils that control them and let them immediately receive retribution. Our kindness can no longer be used by the old forces to let us become the so-called "benign and uncontentious people," and allow Dafa to sustain losses!

3. It is the sacred mission of every Dafa practitioner to send forth righteous thoughts every day at set times.

We should be strict with ourselves. In all other dimensions, the battle to eliminate the evils is presently taking place. Whether our principal beings in the human world do well or not directly affects the process and quality of Fa-rectification in each of the other dimensions. In order to create a peaceful and just environment to spread Dafa to more people with predestined relationships, we should make our best efforts to eliminate the evil factors behind the head of the evil as soon as possible and break the deviated arrangement of the old forces to keep it until the end.

II. Keep righteousness in every thought, every word, every move and every action in every single moment.

Going through painful tribulations time after time, I clearly realized my omissions, such as not paying attention to cultivating my speech, being careless in doing small things, handling things emotionally, and so on. If I could not do small things well, how would I be able to cultivate the divine body that is unshakable and solid like diamond?

The head of the evil will again go abroad from June 4 to 16. We practitioners from China should fully use this opportunity to prepare truth-clarifying materials, and at the same time study the Fa well and actively send forth righteous thoughts together with overseas practitioners. This way, we will unite into one body globally to cooperatively wage the battle and let this become the opportunity for Dafa practitioners as a whole to completely deny the evil's arrangements.