(Clearwisdom.net) In Master's Zhuan Falun, "What Are Supernormal Abilities," "The Effect of Righteous Thoughts," and his lectures in Canada, He clearly explained many Fa principles such as what supernormal abilities are, why the power is so immense when Dafa disciples invoke their true righteous thoughts, and how to send forth powerful righteous thoughts so that the Buddha Fa's supernormal abilities can carry out Fa-rectification at will. At the time I could not understand some of the Fa principles such as those involving gravitational pull -- why did Master keep talking to us about this?

As the set times for sending forth righteous thoughts shifted, I gradually understood. Master was using the Fa principles to teach us how to break away from the human shell and keep up with the progress of Fa-rectification -- over the millennia and eons of time, we have gone back and forth in the human world. Through this process, we formed deeply rooted human reasoning, notions, ways of thinking, and behaviors -- "routinely" using human standards to judge matters and "naturally" using the human mindset to deal with matters. (There are quotations around the words "routinely" and "naturally" because they are quite likely not routine or natural, but instead are the old forces' subtle arrangements or direct interference.) Many practitioners are cultivating with their gong locked, and Dafa has repeatedly taught us not to be attached to supernormal abilities. Because I was not able to comprehensively understand the Fa principles, in the last year like many fellow practitioners, my state of mind was shaky at times when it came to the concept of invoking the power of the Buddha Fa's supernormal abilities. In the process of sending forth righteous thoughts I had the mentality of using human logic to "help" or supplement my shortcomings. Instead of continuously purifying my righteous thoughts and focusing on doing it well, I would sometimes think, "If my righteous thoughts did not work, then I would do this or that." Later I realized that I was being interfered with by my own human thinking. If I regarded myself as an everyday person, then isn't it so easy for the evil to interfere with an everyday person's thinking? When we are able to clear-headedly keep in mind that we are Fa-rectification disciples and treat everything with righteous thoughts at all times, we can then achieve the state of being indestructible and fully utilize the power of the Buddha Fa's supernormal abilities at will.

Fa-rectification has progressed to this point today, and in general our cultivated side is in a very good state. We cannot restrict the divine side from fully carrying out its function by stubbornly holding on to our human thoughts and actions, otherwise, it would not be doing justice to our divine side in the human world.