(Clearwisdom.net) I have recently come to these two understandings regarding sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity.

1. Sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity is a valuable way of strengthening the effects of sending forth righteous thoughts under special circumstances, and we should have a clear understanding, based on the Fa principles, of why we should do it this way and whether we need to do it this way. As for whether each individual should utilize this method under special circumstances, it is determined by each person's heart. Last week there were many articles from fellow practitioners on Clearwisdom that discussed their own understandings of the Fa principles regarding sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity, as well as lessons learned from their own experiences. In some recent group discussions, I heard some practitioners discussing that they are having trouble deciding what to do, because "some of the Clearwisdom articles say that we should go, while others say that we shouldn't." I feel that these thoughts are the result of human mentalities, causing them to be unable to understand the true meanings of their fellow practitioners' articles. In reality, the topic of discussion should not be whether or not the specific action of going to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity should be carried out, but the Fa principles. If one is going to go, he has to be clear about why he is going -- is it to benevolently establish a just environment for the sake of sentient beings, or is it being done while harboring some human notion of revenge, or is it for the sake of excitement and a thrilling adventure. If one is staying behind, he needs to be clear about why he is not going -- is it because he is too busy, cannot decide what is more important, did not place enough emphasis on sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity, or to safeguard the stable progress of the overall situation, etc. The same action may be carried out, but different states of mind will bring about different results, for cultivation practice is a serious matter. When the Fa principles are clearly understood, one can melt into and become interconnected with the Fa. That person can then whole-heartedly exert the greatest power under existing conditions, and when conditions do not exist -- create the conditions to achieve the same effect. My understanding is that in the process of Fa-rectification, during different historic eras and moments, the same Fa-rectification work clearly carries differences in importance and urgency. The overall situation of Fa-rectification and Dafa disciples' whole bodies in different areas compliment each other. If we did not reach the standard during the trip to Germany and the next test will be more difficult than the first, as long as we place enough emphasis and set strict standards for ourselves based on the Fa, we will surely do well and meet the requirements of Fa-rectification.

2. Sending forth righteous thoughts has very high requirements for one's xinxing and ability to put things into action. For example, one needs to maintain a clear, rational way of thinking, always making arrangements to guarantee the practitioners' arriving on location smoothly and the places for sending forth righteous thoughts. One must be clear that the objective is to fully utilize the power of sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity, and not pursuing grandiose actions at this surface dimension. One must be benevolent and selfless, and cannot become attached to one's own individual abilities, function and experiences. While using the head of the evil's visit to clarify the truth and expose the evil, we should use peaceful means that are even more low-key than usual. The point of this is to set the stage for sending forth righteous thoughts ahead of time with as little interference as possible. (Before the head of the evil arrives, the old forces will surely arrange a highly dense, black field that is ideal for the existence of evil beings.) Throughout the process of sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity, we must have unshakeable determination and steadfast conviction. We need to remain vigilant, be able to adapt quickly, think clearly and calmly, use our wisdom and clear away interference at all times. We need to take full advantage of this great opportunity and for the sake of offering salvation to sentient beings, seize this precious historic moment with the pure, righteous heart of a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, and destroy the old forces' wicked, selfish arrangements.

The above represents some of a practitioner's personal understandings. They are intended to merely serve as a point of reference for discussion among disciples.