On the afternoon of May 23, 2002, Friends of Falun Gong USA invited about one hundred honoured guests to a reception party on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

Poster for "Asian Heritage Month" Falun Gong exercise demonstration Tea Etiquette Ceremony
Calligraphy Demonstration


Fashion show of ancient China's Tang Dynasty

This reception party was held to celebrate the "Asian Heritage Month" and to thank the supporters from all walks of life. At the reception party, female Falun Dafa practitioners from New York City showed the ancient Tang Dynasty dresses to the audience to introduce the traditional Chinese culture. Falun Gong practitioners also demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises.

Besides the Tang Fashion Show and Falun Gong exercise demonstration, there was an art exhibition of Ms. Zhang Cuiying's paintings, a China Tea Etiquette Demonstration and a Calligraphy demonstration. The guests enjoyed not only the Chinese foods but also the fine arts of Chinese culture. They also got some perceptual understanding of how vast and rich the traditional Chinese culture is.

Maryland State Representatives Roscoe Bartlett, Constance A. Morella, Virginia State Representative James P. Moran, New Jersey State Representative Donald M Yayne and Representative of New York State Mr. Benjamin A. Gilman attended the party and talked with the Falun Gong practitioners cordially. The party was finished successfully at 9:00 pm

Videos on Internet: Friends of Falun Gong hold "Chinese Culture Festival" in Washington DC.

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