(Clearwisdom.net) The Jiang regime, on the one hand, forced Falun Gong practitioners who lose their freedom to sign and write the so-called "five documents," relinquishing their belief; on the other hand, they stealthily lost their hope for the fruit of "transformation." Hence, they had to frequently change their "transformation model" that they created painstakingly. They strictly manipulated or even arrested the old "transformation models" who have resumed practicing Falun Gong after coming into contact with Falun Gong materials and made a solemn declaration. Then they spiritually tortured them in an isolated environment, preparing the propaganda for creating the new "model."

Recently, during two consecutive days, the Mainland China CCTV program "Focus featured the family of Wang Bo in Shijiazhuang after they were brainwashed. As a person who knew the details, let me reveal some little known facts behind the talk show for the reader's reference.

1. How was Wang Bo brainwashed?

Wang Bo went to Beijing to appeal by unfurling a truth-clarifying banner. She was illegally sent into the 5th Team of Shi Jiazhuang Labor Camp. Because she did not admit to her "crime" and refused to admit any mistakes, she was strictly monitored. In April 2001, she was considered as a "diehard" in Shi Jiazhuang Labor Camp and was sent to Beijing Labor Camp to undergo forced brainwashing. Hence, Shi Jiazhuang Labor Camp paid the Beijing Labor Camp 10,000 Yuan for criminal expense. In Beijing Labor Camp, Wang Bo was "isolated" and was deprived of sleep for 10 consecutive days. (Note: The Constitution of China regulates that the right of taking rest is one of the basic rights of Chinese citizens) In the round-the-clock wheel-like campaign of "help and educate," Wang Bo was forced to be brainwashed. She wrote the "five documents." After a period of "reinforcement," she was sent back to the Section 304 of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp. In 2001, after she was released, the "610

Office" assigned her to "help and educate" others in the brainwash center of Shi Jiazhuang Labor Camp. She ate and slept in the "Center" and was paid 600 Yuan . [500 Yuan is the average monthly income of an urban worker in China]

2. How did Shijiazhuang Labor Camp force practitioners to abandon their belief?

The evil police in first brigade used violence to force practitioners to give up their belief. One morning in May 2001, a female Falun Dafa practitioner jumped from the third floor to the ground because she no longer wanted to endure the endless torture. She became unconscious, broke her bones and is permanently disabled from the jump.

In April 2001, a male Dafa practitioner was forcibly brainwashed. The mob did not allow him to sleep and they beat and tortured him until he lost his senses. He was later sent to the hospital where he died.

The leader of the third brigade Zhang Xuemin beat a female Falun Gong practitioner named Qin. Qin's face was bruised, she suffered from a cerebral concussion and she was unconscious for a whole day. Another female practitioner, Xu, was forcibly brainwashed, and was deprived of sleep for 20 consecutive days. Her entire body was swollen and deformed and she is dying.

Female Falun Gong practitioner, Wang, was frequently beat up, causing her to suffer brain damage.

When the practitioners from 4th brigade recited Master Li's short articles, the headman told the personnel to put hot pepper powder into their mouths and eyes.

Female Falun Dafa practitioner, Li in the third brigade (from Xingtai region), was badly beaten up. The nerves in her legs were injured. Now she requires constant care and she lost her capability to take care of herself.

During the brainwashing, the 5th brigade used electric batons, confinement, handcuffs, etc. Shijiazhuang Labor Camp brutally tortures Dafa practitioners who refuse to be brainwashed. Was it the "humanitarian care" that the voice of government boasted? Was it the standardized and civilized execution of law by the Chinese police that "managed state affairs" according to law?

Wang Bo's father, Wang Xinzhong, still remains in the Brainwashing Center of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp. His mother, Liu Shuqin, is still receiving labor re-education in the Section 501 of Shi Jiazhuang Labor Camp. The labor camp forced Dafa practitioners to speak according to the rumours from the propaganda machine. Practitioners were not allowed to have their own point of view. The police cruelly persecute the kindest citizens. Shijiazhuang Labor Camp is a den of monsters on earth.

In the time when the Chinese people are trapped in the limitless lies of "the best period of human rights" from the voice of government, I just speak the true facts that have been covered by the "Focus Talk Show".

The address of Shi Jiazhuang Labor Camp: 22 Beijiaojie, Shijiazhuang city, Hebei Province (the 5th brigade of the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp).

Tel: 0311-7752350, 7753569, 7776422, 7763488, 7776421, 7752749

Another address: 10 Beicheng, Shijiazhuang City

Tel: 0311-7767140, 7797124, 7797145, 7754007

The address of Report Center in Labor Camp: 22 Beijiaojie, Shi Jiazhuang city,

Tel: 0311-7752225