(Clearwisdom.net) When I first learned that you had been kidnapped, but could not find out where you had been taken, my heart was trembling. However, I was confident that you would certainly conquer the hardships and pass the tribulations.

That night when I came back home I found you were not in. As time passed by, I worried more and more about you and knew something had happened to you. But I was not afraid and knew how you would face this. I knew you would protect everything with your firmness in Dafa and righteous thoughts.

Actually, our child was aware of what had happened much earlier, but she never mentioned anything about it. I know what she was thinking, but I have never mentioned anything about it either. At noon of the second day, our child suddenly asked me, "Can mom pass this tribulation?" I stopped for a moment and told her, "She can, for sure." Later I inquired about your whereabouts and heard that you were being illegally held in a detention center, so we were preparing to go to visit you. Upon our departure I asked our daughter what she would like me to say to you. She thought for a while and replied with just one sentence, "I have faith in her." I indeed feel pleased and proud of our child, and I think you will be proud of her as well.

Though I was not able to see you on that day, I was always speaking to you with my heart in front of the detention center, "I'm just outside, I have come to see you, I just wish to say to you, trust Teacher, trust Dafa, trust yourself, then there won't be any hardships you cannot pass." Later I passed by the detention center several times, and each time I said to you, "I'm even closer to you: remember, trust Teacher, trust Dafa, trust yourself, then there won't be any hardships you cannot pass."

Later with the help of friends, I was finally able to see you. That day was just one month after you had been kidnapped. I clearly remember the scene of our meeting, I felt that I was not visiting you in the jail at all, but was meeting a fellow practitioner under a special circumstance. I saw you walking out from inside, we waved to each other, and we were so peaceful and calm when seeing each other. You asked me, "Did the police go to our home?" I replied to you, "No." When I asked you what you needed, you said that you did not need anything. You then said, "Please buy more daily necessities, because many practitioners in my cell have nothing at all."

Because of your being kidnapped, my work unit gave me pressure and friends also persuaded me to advise you to get out of the jail by writing a guarantee letter to give up practicing Dafa. There was no need to suffer so much. I refused all of them. They also said that because of your being detained inside, our family was not like a family, and our child was not looked after well, and this would affect her studies and so on.

But what caused all of this? If it weren't for this evil persecution, would it be like this? I deeply love you, my wife, but I further know that we are Dafa practitioners. Can we bow our heads to the evil? No, never. Although we can't be together, the hearts of our whole family are connected with each other, and our hearts are communicating with each other. I also wish to tell you that this time in her monthly examination, our daughter's placement has advanced in her class at school.

You are my wife, but you are also my fellow practitioner. I remember that time when you went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa, I went to send you off. Looking at you from behind, I pressed my hands together in front of my chest, silently blessing you. The person I was seeing off was my fellow practitioner.

Today, I know you have been kidnapped to the forced labor camp. I know you are firm; you will give up everything you have for your belief, even including life itself. We are in different environments; there are many more hardships to conquer, more tribulations to pass, and more attachments to let go of, but I look forward to your coming back nobly and with dignity.

April 30, 2002