Hello my friend [name omitted],

The purpose of this letter is to reveal the evils in here. Outside people seldom know what's really going on here. Let me start with the facts of long-term illegal detention:

Pan Jufen, a 52 year-old woman from Hebei province, Xinji city, Tiangongying town, Wangxia village, was forcefully sent to a Party school in March 2001. She was transferred here in May 2001. The government called it a "study class," a euphemism for it's true purpose. When she was captured and imprisoned, no legal procedure was followed. Her release was scheduled for over 6 months ago, and in fact a certificate for her release has been signed. She is still detained, though.

Qiu Shuangzhen, a female resident of Dashizhuang village, was detained as a criminal with no reason given. In late September or early October, her release certificate was signed. Authorities have refused to release her, however. She is still here now. She was required to pay 2000 Yuan (the average monthly income in rural China is about 200 Yuan) in order to get the release certificate, yet it still doesn't lead to sending her back home. The money went to the An Gucheng brainwashing class.

Yan Ying, female, a 21 year-old resident of Mudian village, was sent here for detention as a criminal on September 6, 2001 because she went to Beijing to validate the Fa. On September 8th, she was sent to Hemujing mental hospital, where she was rejected. On her way back, the driver sexually harassed her, touching her all over. She was handcuffed and wasn't able to resist. She has filed a lawsuit; however, nothing has happened yet. She is still held here.

Dai Rongfen, female, a 48 year-old Nanlu village resident was picked up from her home on July 4th 2001. She was put under administrative detention and still hasn't been released.

Niu Huiling is a 33 year-old woman who has been detained on "criminal" charges since last October for practicing the Falun Dafa exercises. She was brutally beaten by Yang Wanbao, one of those in charge here, and lost consciousness for three days and nights.

Ni Ximei, a 40 year-old female chemical factory worker, was taken from her home for no reason in October 2001 and sent to labor camp in January 2001. Since she didn't pass the medical exam, she was returned here, where she remains to this day.

Tian Chuxia, female, a 33 year-old resident of Liushuangying, was placed under detention on October26, 2001. Officials attempted to send her to labor camp twice, but she was sent back both times because she didn't pass medical exams in October 2000 and January 2001.

Fang Zhihua is a 40 year-old female Shijie resident. On December 27th 2001, she was taken away and detained at the police station because she practiced the Falun Dafa exercises openly at the Culture Bureau. She was rejected by the labor camp on the next day and on another occasion. She is still under detention.

Geng Wenping, a 39 year-old woman from Jiujie, was admitted to the detention center on September 29th 2000. Her case went to "trial" in December 2000. The lawsuit was dismissed on January 23 rd 2002, yet she is still being detained to this day.

Li Xiaoping, female, a 30 year-old Caiwu resident was taken away from her fellow practitioner's home and charged with a criminal offense. She remains in detention.

Song Tongfen, female, a 63 year-old Shijie resident, was arrested and charged in October 2001. She was released early this year.

Fan Qinglian, a Xiliangmeng woman in her fifties, was taken from her home to the "610 Office" on November 23, 2001. She was sent here two days later with no due process of law. She is still being held here.

Fan Qinglian suffered from brutal beating at the hands of officers from the "610 Office." Her hands were cuffed to the bed. She was made to kneel down and tortured with a steel rod. The steel rod was placed across her calves while two evil police stood on both ends. They pressed very hard and rolled back and forth along her calves non-stop. Two other police joined in. One pulled her hair, and the other slapped her face. When they tired, they handcuffed her to the couch, grabbled her hair and threw her head against the wooden frame of the couch until she lost consciousness. After that, she suffered some other brutal torture. When she was sent here, her hands were badly swollen. Each of her fingers was broken backwards. Her face was swollen and purple with bruises. Her legs were black and blue, and so swollen that she couldn't even squat down. The toes on her left foot were so swollen that they couldn't even be separated. Three of the four police involved were Liu Guangxu, Er Bao and Chen Kuo. The other one wasn't clearly seen.

Wang Ming, female, a 29 year-old Qijie resident, was brutally beaten up at Jianshejie police station. She lost consciousness five times from the beatings. She is now in labor camp. When she first arrived here, her whole body was black and blue.

Jia Xingfen, a 57 year-old woman from Ju Qicun village, was arrested under criminal charges on October 9th 2000. Her case went to court on May 29th 2001. The lawsuit was dismissed on January 23 rd 2002, and she is still detained.

Qiu Junqing, female, a 56 year-old retired Xinlian agency employee, was arrested on October 25th 2000. Her case went to court on February 14th 2001 the first time, and again on February 27th. The lawsuit was dismissed on March 20th, yet she is still illegally detained. Her husband, Fu Zengqi and daughter Fu Dongxiao have also been detained here since June 17th 2001. Her son, Fu Xiaolin, (a police officer) was also held in the Jinzhou detention center

I hope the facts of this persecution will be learned by more and more people.