(Clearwisdom.net) According to news from Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province, Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Yanchao was killed by Harbin City police, and Zhang's family was not informed of his death until 21 days later. When Zhang's family went to the crematorium, they noticed that Zhang's body was covered with bruises and wounds. Zhang's wife is now being illegally detained and his daughter was forced to leave home to avoid further persecution.

Zhang Yanchao (also referred to as "Zhang Er"), male, 30, was a Falun Gong practitioner from Xihuangqi Village at Lalin Town, Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province. In early April, Zhang Yanchao and another practitioner, Na Yanbo, took a bus to Shuangcheng City on a business trip. On their way back, when they passed Hongqi Township in Wuchang City, they were kidnapped by several policemen from Hongqi Township Police Station. While being detained in Wuchang City Prison, they were subjected to brutal torture. As a result, Zhang Yanchao had bruises and wounds all over his body. Several days later, Zhang was suddenly taken away by Harbin City Police Department, and from then on, there was no news about Zhang's whereabouts. On April 30, the Harbin City Police Department told Zhang's family that he had died and asked them to pick up his body. This news shocked the whole village. Two busloads of family members and villagers went to Harbin City while many others stood at the entrance of the village waiting.

At the Huangshanzuizi Crematory in Harbin City, Zhang's family members and fellow villagers were all astonished when they saw Zhang's body, which had been brutalized beyond recognition and was too disfigured to look at. His skull had apparently been opened and later closed again. One of his eyeballs was missing and the socket was caved in, leaving a gaping hole. There was virtually no skin on his head and many parts of his face, and there was not a single tooth left in his lower jaw. His clothes were also gone. Bruises and wounds could be seen everywhere on his body, many parts of which were skinless. There was a long cut on his chest and one could see it had been sewn up later. His chest was also caved in.

The policemen were stationed everywhere in the crematorium, with guns in their hands. They did not allow people to talk, nor did they allow people to say any words of commemoration. Whoever uttered a word would be arrested right away. The staff in the crematory said that Zhang's body had been there for 21 days. It looked like Zhang was tortured to death just several days after the Harbin City Police Department took him away. Zhang's body had been dissected and his skull opened up. Part of his brain, heart, lungs and liver were taken away, but the crematorium staff could not say why the police wanted Zhang's body parts.

There are several things worth mentioning.

1. The police did not inform Zhang Yanchao's family of his death until 21 days after he was killed. There must be some unspeakable reasons behind the police blocking the news for so long.

2. The reason that one of Zhang's eyeballs was missing may be that it was knocked out during a beating. However, it is more likely that the police took out his eye to sell for profit as a transplant.

3. Part of Zhang's brain, heart, liver and lungs were taken away.

The persecution is still continuing. After Zhang Yanchao was kidnapped, his wife Guan Yinghua (also a Dafa practitioner) was deceived into going to the police station, and was arrested and detained in Wuchang City Second Detention Center. Now the police are searching for their daughter Zhang Dan, who is just 15 years old. However, the police failed to catch her twice. Na Yanbo, who was arrested together with Zhang Yanchao, is 41 years old, and his whereabouts are still unknown.

Further investigation is under way.