(Clearwisdom.net) The younger sister of a practitioner does not practice Falun Gong. This woman had observed the changes in her sister's physical and mental health. When she learned that Dafa practitioners offer salvation to people, are not intimidated by arrest, are beaten, sent to labor camps, sentenced to jail, and even lose their lives, she was moved to tears. She voluntarily saved 200 Yuan [400-500 Yuan is average monthly income in urban China] from her living expenses to support Dafa practitioners printing material to offer salvation to people deceived by the lying propaganda.

An older person in her seventies saved 100 Yuan from her living expenses and voluntarily gave it to Dafa practitioners for making truth-clarifying material to offer salvation to people.

One practitioner's husband was beaten to death before she started to practice Dafa. Because of her agony, she cried so much that she almost lost her sight. She was weak from multiple diseases. She and her child were dependant upon each other. After she started to practice Dafa, the woman regained her health and no longer needed to take any medicine. She used her savings to offer salvation to people and hopes kind-hearted people will not be deceived by the lies anymore and wake up as early as possible.