The police tried to detain Dafa practitioners during the course of the Chongqing AAPP (Association of Asian Parliament for Peace) summit. One day, a local policeman tried to arrest a Dafa practitioner without a warrant. The practitioner wasn't home, but her 87-year-old mother was found intently reading Zhuan Falun. While turning everything upside down inside the house, the policeman asked, "What are you reading?" The elderly woman replied, "This is a book that teaches you to become a better person." The policeman again inquired, "What's so good about Falun Gong?" She informed him, "Falun Gong improves one's health, upgrades one's xinxing (mind and heart nature) and helps one become a better person. What's not good about Falun Gong?" Speechless, he tried to enter the bedroom chamber. The elderly woman stated, "Don't go anywhere, just sit down!" The policeman obediently sat down and the elderly practitioner used the opportunity to convey to him the benefits of Dafa. The policeman then reached for the stereo to get the practice music tape, but the practitioner pinned down his hand, and said sternly, "Don't take that, you just sit down." The policeman again submissively sat down and couldn't help but nod his head while the practitioner spoke. After a while, the policeman stood up and tried to search the house again. The elderly practitioner commanded, "Leave immediately and don't come back!" Indeed, the policeman left meekly.

After her children returned, they said, "Mom, this is the effect of righteous thoughts! You've utilized your righteous thoughts in controlling the evil policeman! By using your righteous thoughts, the might of Dafa has revealed itself!"