(Clearwisdom.net) I'm a retired worker and not highly educated, but every time I read the cultivation stories from Clearwisdom Net about other practitioners validating Dafa, I always agree with their Fa-validating efforts from the bottom of my heart. The following are my personal experiences and understandings to share with practitioners so that we may encourage each other together.

Right around New Year's Eve, after clarifying the truth at my workplace, I was arrested after my company reported me to the police. At that time, I was surrounded by policemen and couldn't escape. Therefore, I used the excuse of going to the restroom to destroy contact information and other sensitive materials that I carried with me. The only thing I kept was a cassette tape of a remorseful policeman's statement for use in clarifying the truth to the public security office. I was handcuffed and sent to a nearby police station. Two days later, I was transferred to Zhongqu Detention Center. After being detained for 28 days, because my firm righteous thoughts, I walked out of that evil place.

From the first moment I walked into the detention center, I remembered Teacher's words, "No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil's demands, orders, or what it instigates. If everyone does this the environment won't be this way ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts Are Powerful")." I refused to eat because I did not commit any wrongdoing. Moreover, clarifying the truth is to save peoples' lives, which is the most righteous thing, and the old evil forces are prohibited from torturing me. Three days passed by; they saw that I did not have any intention to eat anything and they started their fraudulent acts of kindness. One day, a jailer brought a bowl of soybean soup, stood in front of me, and respectfully said, "Drink it. One sip is enough. I'm taking care of you very well; I never did this for anybody, even my parents." I knew they were playing a game with me, so I did not give them any response. Then they tried another trick and said, "Drink the soup. When your body recovers, you can go home to practice. I can loudly say that 'Falun Dafa is good' if you drink." Then he indeed loudly said, "Falun Dafa is good," and he raised his arms very high. I looked at him and felt sad for his life because he believed the Jiang regime's campaign of propaganda and became a very evil person. Soon, other practitioners also participated in the hunger strike. Seeing that they were losing control of the situation, the guards started force-feeding us on the sixth day of our hunger strike.

At the beginning, several practitioners from our cell were force-fed. We all made the best use of this opportunity to clarify the truth to the guards who were doing the force-feeding, and reveal Jiang's slander campaign, the recent natural disasters in China, the prophecies from all over the world, and the heavenly principle of "good will be rewarded with good, and evil will receive retribution." We also told them about our Teacher's compassion, kindness and patience towards practitioners. I found the majority of the policemen all listened carefully. They looked like they were listening to the stories of gods and asked many questions each time. If there were a lot of people listening, the senior jailer would interrupt and say, "Do not listen; we are here to persuade them, not to become practitioners." If there were only a few people listening, the guard that often had contact with practitioners would ask questions like, "The things that you talked about, are they true? When did your teacher say the Fa-rectification will be over? Do you think that I can survive after Fa-rectification? " I saw the guard's sincere attitude and felt pity for him, and I saw that a sentient being was saved. I sincerely told him that "Everything that I said is true, and the Chinese media does not dare to tell people the truth. To be saved, the one and the only way is to give up the evil way and follow the compassionate way. Take a look at the book, Zhaun Falun, and treat Dafa and Dafa practitioners with respect. Otherwise even our Teacher cannot save you."

In order to prevent us from clarifying the truth, they began force-feeding us one person at a time. I immediately pointed out, "What are you guys afraid of? If you fear our clarifying the truth, then do not help Jiang's regime torture innocent people." A low-ranking policeman explained, "We had no intention of detaining you here. You guys were sent here by the higher ups from central division. Please do not hate us." I looked at his helpless face and felt that it was very urgent to save sentiment beings.

While in the detention center, the newly arrived practitioners brought us Teacher's New Years Greeting to practitioners worldwide and Teacher's new poems. Everyone was encouraged by them. We recited the poems, studied the Fa, did the exercises, and encouraged each other together; the criminals all respected us and saluted us. They said, "You guys can still do the exercises without eating and still look very energetic. It is really remarkable." Because practitioners clarified the truth from time to time, the old inmates all felt the practitioners' compassionate hearts and their kindness. Therefore, we could study the Fa and do the exercises freely. Some criminals recited the Fa with us and learned the exercises from us, and some became our watch guards. The whole environment was rectified.

Whenever we were let outside, the guards would ask all the prisoners to recite the prison rules and sing songs. We never cooperated. One day an older female guard came by me and quietly said to me, "Why not go along and move your mouth to say something? You can recite what you want to recite." I suddenly felt the warmth in my heart. Of course, this is Master Li giving us a hint. Why are we not using our compassion to drive away the evil? I calmly gave her a friendly look thinking to myself: Jiang's control is no longer working. Not all police officers are willing to help the thugs; compassionate nature is everywhere. The greatness of Dafa and practitioners are quietly waking up the dormant souls of this special group in the land of China. I am truly happy for the lives that are being wise.

Since I was the one who initiated the hunger strike and directly exposed the evil, the Zhongqu Police Station reported me as a "stubborn member." During a few isolated interrogations, their attitudes were very forceful. They threatened to place me into a "labor-education" program if I did not reveal the situation of other practitioners and the source of the materials. My heart was calm and I peacefully told them: "From the moment when I came in, I did not think of making it out alive. Life and death doesn't matter to me. I am willing to give up everything for Dafa. But which one of you is willing to go on a hunger strike for Jiang for just one day? Do you know why every one of the practitioners detained here is so diligent? Because we are the guardians of the truth of the universe. We must be responsible for all the righteous factors and all the sentient beings, including you who are mostly poisoned. Don't act as Jiang's weapons and don't let him use you any more. Wake up now and maybe it will not be too late." I saw that the person who was taking notes started having difficulties. He was twisting and turning his pen in his hand and finally he had to speak out, "Say no more! Where did you hear all this? These words are against the Party and I can't record them!" I smiled at him and said, "If you can't record them then don't record them. But I have to correct you on one thing: I am exposing Jiang and I am not against the Party. Practitioners never get involved with politics. You want to know where I heard all this? Listen to the broadcast on the World Falun Dafa station every morning at 6 and evening at 9 sharp on the situation of Falun Dafa in the world. There are people in over fifty countries learning Falun Gong. Falun Gong is receiving respect and proclamations in all countries except China. Jiang's persecution of Falun Gong has put him on the world's list of human rights scoundrels. Please don't be deceived any more." A low ranking police officer asked, "Can I really receive the station's broadcast?" I said, "Yes, you can." This way, the interrogations were ended with good results.

After the evil failed, it tried something new. The people acting against their conscience found my family members and relatives and they tried to threaten them. They told them that they had to pay 10,000 Yuan. They would first send me to a brainwashing class and if that did not work they would send me to a labor camp and sentence me. Then my relatives (non-practitioners) took turns and came to visit me in the detention center. They knelt in front of me crying and persuading me to give up my belief. I immediately realized that this was a test for the attachment to my relatives. My heart did not move a bit. I calmly told them, "You saw with your own eyes that my health and my temper have improved after cultivation. Dafa cannot cause harm to others. Why can't I be a good person? Detaining good people, what kind of law is this? You are asking me to convert, what should I convert to? They are persecuting people for having righteous beliefs. Don't be afraid and don't let them trick you. Don't pay a cent." The last trick created by the evil was not working. So on the night of the 25th day of my hunger strike they notified me and another practitioner in the same cell to pack. There would a car picking us up to go somewhere. I realized that a new tribulation was coming but my heart did not move.

The next morning, I simply used a plastic bag to hold items for cleaning, and gave all my blankets and clothing to other practitioners and prisoners. From the direction the car was going, I could tell that we were heading towards the capital city of the province. The other practitioner and I recited "Lunyu" and Master Li's poems loudly. I continuously sent forth righteous thoughts in the car: "I will not let the evil reach its goal. I will use righteous thoughts to overcome this so that I can go out and save more people. Please help me Master Li." The car drove into the capital city and went into the gate of the hospital. I knew they were about to give me a physical check up. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts: Fail the physical check up so that I would not qualify for detention. When I went into the room for a physical check up, I told the doctor that I had not taken any food for 26 days. The doctor looked at me in shock. The guard that came with me was mumbling with embarrassment. The doctor casually took a glance at him and began his examination. He said the blood pressure was 230 over 150 with serious heart disease and my life was in danger; also my kidney was swollen. I understood that these "test results" were arranged compassionately by Master Li. A sensation of warmth flowed through my whole body. When these results came in, the vicious people were scared because they were afraid of being responsible. They immediately called my family and allowed them to pick me up at the police station in the afternoon. I was sent back by the police car and went back home.

I will tell my own experience to my relatives, friends and people I know, asking them to use righteous thoughts to treat Falun Gong; I will tell my fellow practitioners who are in tribulations and who haven't stepped forward to use righteous thoughts to validate the Fa, and to use compassion to save those poisoned sentient beings. I will truly reach the righteous enlightenment of no selfishness, no self and consideration of others before myself.