The Yaojia Detention Center in Dalian concocts lies to deceive the world's people.

Regarding food: By guidelines, a finer meal should be served every week, but to the illegally detained Dafa practitioners, this rule doesn't apply. Individual meal orders cost five times their normal price, and they lack basic sanitation.

Concerning the living conditions: Government distributed comforters are sold to practitioners for 300 Yuan [The average monthly salary of a Chinese worker is 500 Yuan]. The rooms are so small that we have to sleep on our side.

The detention center utilizes the leader of the prisoners to verbally abuse, beat, and bully practitioners. We are supposed to be able to take a bath every week, but water is so scarce that there isn't enough to even wash our faces. By law we can go outside to the courtyard three times a week, but in reality it only happens once a month. The detention center also forbids beating inmates, but a special room was set up to train thugs to do just that. The leader of the prisoners takes and spends practitioners' money and possessions at will. More than 20 people are sometimes kept in a 14 square meter room, and Dafa practitioners are kept in the same room with criminals for over six months. Dafa practitioners aren't allowed to practice the exercises, study the Fa, or talk, and the detention center even assigns inmates to monitor practitioners. Families of practitioners are encouraged by the detention center to brainwash them. During the visitation hours, the detention center forces the relatives of practitioners to say and write sentences defaming Dafa.

Practitioner Zhang Lianwen was sent to the restricted division on December 12, 2001. He was forced to lie down with both hands cuffed to a bed and remain in this position 23 hours a day for three days. Zhang went on a twelve-day hunger strike in protest, but was force-fed on the third day. Six to seven inmates yanked his ears, poked his eyes, shoved his head, and on the fifth day he was tied to a bed and injected with penicillin. Afterwards, he was force-fed once a day. After three days, he was cuffed to a chair and was forced to sit on the chair from 4:30 in the morning to 11:30 at night. Even with this physical torment, the guards still viciously beat the practitioner. It wasn't until February 26, 2002 that Zhang was released from the restricted division.

Practitioners Zhang Guoyu and Yin Libing were brought into the restricted division because they refused to wear tags, and they were sadistically beaten by four to five people at once. With his hands cuffed to a bed, Zhang's legs were beaten to the point where he couldn't move or get out of the bed. The tightness of the handcuffs made his wrists and ankles swell, and after a month the fingers were still numb. He was forced to lie on a bed supported by a few wooden boards, without any quilts or sheets. Everyday he had to endure this torture for more than 23 hours, unable to wash or change cloths, or even take a bath. The only time he was allowed to get up was to eat and go to the restroom. Practitioner Zhang was kept in the restricted division this way for three weeks.

Chen Shenghu and five other Dafa practitioners were sent to the restricted division on January 1, 2002. Everyone was severely beaten, and Wu Jun received a black eye. The guards feared the inspectors finding out, so they smeared egg whites onto his eye. His body was beaten black and blue, and he was forced to wear a boxer's headgear when they relentlessly punched him in the head. Other practitioners were also forced to wear the headgear. Due to the limited air exposure from wearing these contraptions for a long time, Huang Tao's ears were bruised and highly irritated. He was forced to wear it for several months. Five practitioners were cuffed to beds and forced to lie there for more than 23 hours each day without sheets or quilts, even during winter in the blistering cold. During this interval they were often beaten and abused. After three to eight days, the position changed to sitting, which further irritated the practitioners' skin. Two people were still being kept in the restricted division after several months. At the present four practitioners are still held there, they are Wu Jun, Li Kaili, Li Zhongke, and Wei Qiang.

The main perpetrators are Song Hengyue (deputy director) and Liu Zhongke (director).

I hope Dalian practitioners will send forth righteous thoughts to help the detained practitioners eliminate the persecution and eradicate the evil!