(Clearwisdom.net) A few days ago I was told that a female Dafa practitioner held a hunger strike for four months when she was illegally detained, and as a result she was only a little more than 77 pounds. She finally walked out of the jail relying on her righteous belief and steadfastness toward Dafa. In fact, this very practitioner has been detained and released several times, and every time she has been able to walk out of the jail with dignity. I was moved by this practitioner's righteous belief, which is as solid and unshakeable as diamond. I admired her indestructible will and could not help applauding her, "Truly great!" At the same time, I saw my own shortcomings and distance that I lagged behind.

My other thought on this issue is that when we praise this Dafa practitioner we must not forget the suffering our respected Master has borne for her. Why was she able to walk out of jail with dignity each time? Nobody knows how much our respected Master has suffered for her and how much benevolent, painstaking efforts our Master has made in saving her behind the scenes. "But I knew that if the students were to bear it, it would be very hard for them to make it through. So I could only let the students bear the evilness played out by human beings, whereas I bore the real things." ("Teaching the Fa at the Great Lakes Fa Conference in North America") If it were not for Dafa or for our respected Master, how could an ordinary person have such a supernormal ability? How would it be possible for her to go on a hunger strike for so long? It is just like what was said in an article, "Actually, we ourselves really have nothing except our thanks to Master and our righteous belief in Dafa. Without this, we have nothing." Even our righteous belief and steadfastness toward Master and Dafa come from the Fa. From here we can see that the great heroic undertakings of each of the practitioners have borne witness to the greatness of Dafa and our respected Master. One Dafa practitioner wrote, "Though sometimes Master would praise us, we must have a clear mind that the reason for our greatness is because Master has given us everything that makes our greatness possible."

In order to be worthy of the suffering that our Master has endured for us and not let our Master suffer even more for us, we should make sure that every step we take is on the right track. We should not be taken away by the evil, because they are not worthy of persecuting us and we should deny all the arrangements made by the old forces.

I hope Dafa practitioners can kindly point out anything that is not correct.