Lin Chengtao, a research scientist at the China Xiehe Medical University and a Falun Dafa practitioner was abducted and taken to Beijing Tuanhe Labor Camp. He has been tortured to the point of suffering a mental breakdown and unable to function independently because he refused to give up his belief in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance.

Lin Chengtao and his family

Lin Chengtao was abducted by police in September 2001 and was illegally sentenced to one and half years of labor camp. In the Tuanhe Labor Camp, he refused to cooperate with the evil's orders. The police punished him by forcing him to remain in a squatting position the throughout the night. During the daytime, former practitioners [who have given up Falun Dafa due to intense pressure and torture and are recruited to participate in the persecution] take turns attempting to brainwash him although nothing can shake his righteous thought. Once the team conducted a head count in the hallway, Lin shouted out from the bottom of his heart, "Falun Dafa is a righteous way!" Later he was sent to solitary confinement where the police cruelly torture Falun Dafa practitioners secretly in the so-called name of "concentrated training." The inhuman police electrically shocked Lin Chengtao multiple times with electric baton with charges of up to 30 thousand volts, causing him to become have a mental breakdown. We do not know the details of who was responsible and how they tortured him. The Tuanhe Labor Camp is trying to cover up the truth to cover their crime. The police claimed to everyone that Lin is faking his condition so they can continue to torture him.

Lin Chengtao's wife, Zhang Xiaojie (an excellent music teacher in Beijing No.1 Middle School) was abducted to a brainwashing class last year. She never gave up after undergoing two brainwashing classes (a total of 30 days). She was sent to a female labor camp in Beijing. Their two year old daughter has not seen her mother for so long. A happy family was separated by Jiang like this!

Practitioners who met Lin Chengtao in the labor camp all know that he is a nice, righteous man; he is clear-minded, always speaking with reason. He also has a good grasp of legal issues. The perpetrators who attempted to brainwash him could find no cracks in his righteous mind to use. His current state shocked many around him.

We hope all kindhearted righteous people in the world, all human rights organizations, all Alumni of Xiehe Medical University express their concern for Lin Chengtao's situation and to stop these crimes which severely violates the Constitution and human rights. We also call the international media not to listen to the lies of the Tuanhe Labor Camp. If journalists have the opportunity, please visit the "concentrated training" team personally, you will see that it is truly the "hell on earth." Please let all the media expose their evil and cruel torture and let more people know how brutal Jiang and his regime torture one's spiritual believes.

Zip code of the Tuanhe Labor Camp in Daxing County, Beijing City, 102614.

Management Office, Tel. [86-10-61292590]

Camp Director Zhang Jingsheng, [86-10-61294586]

Address of Institute of Fundamental Medicine, China Xiehe Medical University, Dongdan Santiao #5, Beijing, 100005.

President of China Xiehe Medical University, Tel. [86-10-65135844]

A Brief Biography of Lin Chengtao

Lin Chengtao, male, 35 years old, Master Degree, a research scientist in the Institute of Fundamental Medicine, China Xiehe Medical University. He is the key researcher in the "State 863 Plan" funded project "Malaria vaccine research and production", "genetic screening of a new malaria-resistance antibody" and the US-China Medical Foundation CMB project. He presented his findings to the national conference of the "State 863 Plan", representing his research group. His work has been highly praised by the meeting attendees and the experts in the field.

Lin Chengtao is a kind, righteous man. He always works hard. He has a good relationship with co-workers. His work ethic was highly praised by his colleague and students. He started cultivating Falun Dafa in 1993. He was fortunate to attend Teacher Li Hongzhi's seminars. In just a few days, his body underwent a fundamental change. At the same time, he upgraded himself according to Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. He was involved in compiling the "Ten Thousand Cases of Falun Gong Practitioners Health Improvement Report" to validate Dafa. Lin Chengtao was persecuted brutally after July 20th, 1999. His salary and housing privileges were taken away. He was abducted, sent to jail, brainwashed, and violently tortured. His wife and daughter were forced to become homeless. He was last abducted by police in September 2001 and sentenced to 18-month labor camp. He endured both mental and physical torture in the Tuanhe Labor Camp. His experience can reveal the evilness of Jiang and his regime to the public and distinguish clearly what is righteous, and what is not.

Written on May 26, 2002

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