(Clearwisdom.net) An elderly couple in Gansu Province was very poor. In 1997, they were fortunate enough to obtain Dafa. In 1999 there was a severe drought. On one night in July, there was a rainstorm and although people upstream of the old couple's farm had built a dam, the rain water still flowed into this elderly couple's land. When harvest time came, others' wheat harvests were very poor, but the practitioners' harvest was a stretch of golden wheat - a bumper crop! Their neighbors expressed their amazement and expressed their belief that Dafa indeed gave people rewards.

After Lao Guan was released from jail in July 2001, he wanted to plant some vegetables for Dafa practitioners who were being persecuted and whose fields and gardens were left uncultivated. Although the seeds were sown after the time to plant had passed, when he harvested in the fall, the potatoes were as big as bowls, the radishes were three Cun (one Cun = 33 centimeters) in diameter and more than one Chi (one Chi = 0.333 meter) in length, and carrot harvest was also quite bountiful. The villagers were very surprised. Lao Guan distributed vegetables to Dafa practitioners in need in two nearby towns, who are still enjoying Lao Guan's harvest.